The police in Edmonton will appoint a new police force


Edmonton police have appointed a new top police officer.

Dale McFee has been elected as a new police chief, the Edmonton Police Commission announced in a new release on Wednesday.

McFee officially accepts the work of former master Rod Knecht in February 2019.

In one of the five-month national recruitment process, McFee "became the most qualified candidate," the Commission said.

"Future Chief Dale McFee really fits the city's commitment to service-oriented, strategic and innovative," Tim O'Brien's commissioner, the chairman said.

"He has experience in different roles and is someone who trusts trust and is respected by the community."

McFee has been Deputy Minister of Workshops and Police Chiefs in Saskatchewan since 2012.

He previously served as Chief of Police in Prince Albert, Saskia, and the leader of the Canadian Police Chiefs' Union.

The formal lighting block will be planned in early 2019, the Commission said.

Knecht, in fact, told the media that he was "very interested" in extending his contract, which ended 31 October 2018, but he was not granted a job.

Knecht, RCMP's 35-year-old veteran, was hired as Edmonton Police Chief in 2011.


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