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ALIX, Alta. – The rescue community says that a man who reported 15 cats and kittens on plastic storage boxes on the Alberta motorway side has lost his story.

The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society says in a Facebook post that a man contacted them on Friday night and told them that the cats were members of a family member who could not handle them.

The post says that a man used plastic containers to remove cats home from "deep concern" about animal welfare and home children, but found no way to endorse them.

The Saving Grace Animal Society earlier said that cats were found in recorded pools near Erskine and Stettler.

The boxes were holes in the hole, but the puppies were soaked in their own urine and stools.

The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society has treated cats and says in a post that the man has submitted himself to the authorities.

"He made several attempts to find placement for these cats, but he was defeated, wasted hope and never to turn, he made a great deal of effort to pay attention to the status of these cats," the group's Facebook posts say.

"We understand that logic is difficult to understand, but we also understand the hopelessness that we feel in a situation where animals need help."

Alberta SPCA spokeswoman Dan Kobe said the matter would be further investigated.

"If we find that someone should be responsible for the anxiety caused by anxious animals, then they will be billed," Kobe said in an interview on Saturday.

Kobe said he did not know if the police should investigate false reports, saying it would be for the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society to report it.

No one from the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society was immediately available to comment. The Alberta RCMP spokesman said he was not aware of whether the police investigated the report.

Many of Facebook's Facebook responses seemed to sympathize with the man's plight, and one commentator wrote that "everything is forgiven".

Kobe said that it is quite common for someone who tries to dispose of animals to be told that the agency they are approaching is simply no room for them. All rescue organizations handle a lot of cats, he said, and their security shelves have either capacity or capacity.

Keep calling until someone can help you, Kobe said, pointing out that the SPCA can provide who is calling.

He said that euthanasia is always an option, but if the cat is healthy, there is usually something to help find a new home.

"People can not wait for them to have a chance to find a cat home a day or a couple. It can take some work, but if they continue to work, they usually find somewhere that can withstand the cat even though it takes a couple of weeks or a couple of months "Kobe said.

– By Rob Drinkwater in Edmonton

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