Thursday , May 6 2021

The Toronto Community Housing Manager will be placed on a paid holiday

The head of a Toronto-based public housing broker has been placed on an administrative holiday and an outside company has been invited to look into a consultancy agreement that the board of a housing corporation has received an "erroneous" process.

Kathy Milsom was appointed Managing Director of the Toronto Housing Corporation last August. The news that the decision was made for him to be paid was published on a Monday afternoon by a press release announcing the Housing Provider's government.

Kathy Milsom was appointed Managing Director of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation last August. He has been set for an administrative vacation.
Kathy Milsom was appointed Managing Director of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation last August. He has been set for an administrative vacation. (Carlos Osorio / Toronto Star)

The government also announced an immediate $ 1.3 million contract termination with Orgamo, which has led to the reorganization of corporate customers. An employee who oversaw a call for proposals (RFP) or an application process for an agreement has also been placed on a paid holiday.

Attorney Bennett Jones makes the check, confirming the reseller's spokesman. The company is investigating how the government was aware of "was wrong and did not comply with the current TCHC regulations".

The existence and value of the agreement were first notified in Toronto Sun.

"We stick to higher standards, and as a result, the government has directed the TCHC to terminate the deal with Orchango immediately," the government said. "We remain committed to transparency in this process and keep our employees, tenants and the public up to date on this issue."

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From the decision that Milsom and his staff were released, the government said: "This is not a disciplinary measure, but part of the cautious effort to ensure the independence and integrity of the ongoing review."

The president and founder of Orchango refused to comment on the government's decision and said that the firm would not immediately issue a formal statement. "We are looking at this," said Edmond Mellina, who spoke with a star on Monday.

Mayor John Tory announced that soon after announcing Milsom's release, he had spoken with the government's support with Kevin Marshman that the change did not affect tenants. About 110,000 Toronto residents rely on their home office, and many of them are struggling to end up in Canada's largest city.

"The good governance of all city agencies is indispensable and demands that all these organizations participate in the highest standards, and the Toronto Community Housing Board has taken a decisive action," said Tory, who believes that the government has made the right decision.

Vice President Sheila Penny acts as the Managing Director immediately to maintain "stability and continuity for our employees and tenants", said the publication.

Earlier this year, Star Jennifer Paglario announced that a private law firm had been invited to investigate the company's human resources when several Ombudsman complaints had been made. One current leader and five former employees described a "culture of fear" where people felt jealous and distracted.

Jennifer Pagliar's files.

Emily Mathieu is a Toronto-based reporter covering affordable and insecure housing. Follow him on Twitter: @emathieustar

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