Vancouver Aquarium named the squid "Ceph Rogen" after … you know who


Hollywood comedian and actress. Uncomfortable transit noise. Squid.

Seth Rogen is an actual résumé.

Last gig, he did politely this week in the Vancouver Aquarium, who named it the latest Giant Pacific ink … Ceph Rogen, a cephalopod play.

The multiplier came after a one-year name competition. Other competitors were Octavia, Luna and Houdini.

After several rounds of voting, Ceph Rogen received over 90% of the votes.

The Internet laughed, Rogen confirmed his position as Vancouver poster, and the Vancouver Aquarium sobbed the spotlight.

Do you remember when?

It seemed like a week ago that Rogen was TransLink's voice.

In fact, Vancouverites heard his "dulcet shades," as TransLink said, three months with buses and SkyTrain, even last week.

Rogen's announcements made a lot of passage with a smile. Others, not so much.

At least one observed the pattern.

But if someone with the fatigue of Rogen would stumble on their passage, the seemingly wicked news wiped it away.

As for the firewood

Ceph is just a baby, but soon he will be big.

Giant Pacific firewood is considered to be the largest octopus species in the world. It can weigh up to 150 kilos or 68 kilograms and its handle extends six meters.

It will take up to five years.

That means Seth has a lot of time to meet Ceph. And for Vancouver Aquarium to come up with another strange name.


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