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Winners and losers of the Premiership

The winners

With Xherdan Shaqiri and Liverpool players
The most obvious contrast between Liverpool and Manchester United is their founding members. When Jose Mourinho made a number of changes to United in the middle of Valencia and left a chance to cross the Champions League team, Mourinho once again regretted the return for those who was left out of opportunity to impress. The more changes he makes, the less his team's edge gets their chance and so Mourinho makes changes to find the answer.

Opposite with Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. Alisson, Virgil van Dijk and the first trumpet chosen have garnered most of the satisfaction this season, but Klopp has a great tendency to keep vice chairmen motivated and ready to hit the field.

If Liverpool's repentance has been a theme for the past 18 months, unstable players take on their chances and become so difficult to move from the team: who won the winner during the Merseyside death? Divock Origi. Who came on the field to win a win against Manchester United? Xherdan Shaqiri. Who will return to the team and keep Marcus Rashford in check? Nathaniel Clyne, Liverpool's fourth option back seat.

It's easy to think what Mourinho could have done with signing Shaqiri, 13m from a retired club. Or Georginio Wijnaldum, who has signed the modified Newcastle United. Or Andrew Robertson, who signed £ 8 million from Hull City. Would they be cherished by Manchester United? as they have been in Liverpool, or thrown in characters that were not glamor, and were therefore proof of the ambitious side of the club?

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool
The assumption was that if City continued the pace of the previous year, no one fingers them. And on the Pep Guardiola side, there have actually been five more points than the last season at this point. But they also had 11 points in the same spot at 2017/18 and Liverpool's 18-point tip.

Forget the result for United for a while. In order for Klopp to overthrow this gap and sit at the top of the Premier League is a major one. This has been done so that at the same time the journey through the Champions League death group is an amazing achievement.

With Klopp and Pochettino all praise inevitably requires "but what they have won" an auto answer for those who can not see it, do not want to see it, or hold the EFL Cup as an insecure important honor. Klopp, like Pochettino, has improved not only the first team or team but the whole club. He has made the supporters excited and gave them some faith. Of course, the trophies are important, but the journey can be as important as the destination. One time, I agree With Johnny.

The extremely high percentage of an exciting fan is a time that has been dreaming about hopes, dreams, and goals. It is the dreamer Klopp improves, as well as the concrete hope of trophies. That is why they sing his name with such an emotion rather than a habit or a duty. And if you do not understand it – you really do not understand it instead of allowing tribalism to make you deliberately blurry – you have to make more dreams.

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Ralph Hasenhuttl
The leader, known as "Alpine Klopp", and who travels with every player during a movement during tense events that is 90 minutes just like Jurgen. The Hasenhuttl team noticed on time that the qualifying was long enough St Mary's mood change after the arrival of the new leader.

There is still a defenseless incompetence, and Arsenal had several times three, but did not get the money as Hasenhuttl would like to remember. But one of the teammates' spooky wreck is the ability to grab defeat matches where they have played pretty well. Southampton won a win, eventually arrested lead and moved down to three.

Eden Hazard
If the usual critique is that you are not Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, take it as a compliment. The compatibility of the two games in the game's biggest game history is not a stick, which should have permanent bruises on the hit.

Instead, we focus on what Hazard is: Chelsea's leading example and talent is sufficiently clear that he only needs to shine in a 30-minute match to get the result out of the opponent. If coherence could indeed be improved, remember that Hazard has consistently fired the post by post and usually gets up and goes again.

Also remember that only two players in the European Championships have at least eight league leagues and eight in the league to help this season: Hazard and Messi. Chelsea's four best bids almost entirely on his shoulders.

Gabriel Jesus
His first league lead four months and 11 league games deserve great praise for Pep Guardiola's patience. The Everton defender was ridiculous, but you can see whether Manchester City is smiling in Brazil. It's a good time for Jesus' party.

Recruiting Watford
Gone is a simple transfer strategy where players sign almost exclusively from Udinese or Granada. Instead, it is one of the best recruiting and inventions in Europe. Vicarage Road has become a perfect home for ambitious players who want to take this step to the elite club or young players who desperate to impress.

The latest examples are Domingos Quina and Ken Sema, which are signed from West Ham and Ostersund in the summer. Gerard Deulofeu looks again, Kiko Femenia was a thief, Roberto Pereyra started a seasonal fire and Abdoulaye Doucoure really won the rank of a higher league. These six players signed for roughly the same amount as Richarlison's Watford result.

Crystal Palace, victory without Wilfried Zahaa
The first victory without Zahaa, which begins in September 2016. To make this happen, it was long enough that Steven Pienaar started the opposition. How does Palace want to hope she can play Leicester City every week? Despite their last two years of success, they have won their last three games against Leicester for a total of 9-0.

Rafael Benitez
So it's good to hold a defense that it could only be Newcastle United rescuers for the second consecutive season. Huddersfield ruled their guests during the first half, but Newcastle dug up and fully exploited their chances that came in their way. They have now given less goals than Arsenal and Manchester United. Now give that man a new Santa.

West Ham, who has turned around
Four wins in rotation to change the atmosphere. If previous results could not be accepted, the panic has now been placed in an appropriate context with a later rise. West Ham can spend Christmas time looking down instead. Given the quality of the ship and its investments, eight eight seats were always available. It's still on.

Wolves that have turned the corner
Three wins in rotation to change the mood. If previous results could not be accepted, the panic has now been placed in an appropriate context with a later rise. Wolves can spend Christmas time looking down instead. Given the quality of the ship and its investments, eight eight seats were always available. It's still on.

Felipe Anderson
As the third most expensive player ever bought a non-Big Six side (behind Gylfi Sigurdsson and Richarlison), Anderson should be good. But the signing of the Serie A players has long been a risk, and it was doubted whether Anderson could play an excellent break in the Lazio area. So far away, he is doing just that.


Jose Mourinho
Abominable and humiliating, and neither term is in any way hyperbolic. Before Sunday, Liverpool's biggest strikes had been successful in the Premier League match this season 22 – they won a total of 14. Most of the shots Manchester United had allowed in the Premier League match Optio began collecting such data in 2003/04. If the 3-1 result and the draw, which were balanced over the last 20 minutes, somehow refer to parity, it gives an inaccurate picture to players who have not watched the game.

The worst fears of Manchester United supporters were completely realistic. Their team never tried to win the match at Anfield, but sat down deep and launched long balls that were at their best hopeful and at worst unavailable. Jose Mourinho has led to expect expectations to the point that some supporters have relieved him of some responsibility for making the mess but no fan could be proud of his performance. United was so passive that visible signs of bare eyes were visible.

It's a message that has to be repeated because it is in conflict with it: this is not a bad group of players. Of course, it is not an ideal team, but neither Tottenham nor Chelsea. Most of this team has been successful in Manchester United or elsewhere before they joined them. Paul Pogba won the World Cup in the summer. Romelu Lukaku and Victor Lindelof made the same tournament. Marcus Rashford is one of England's brightest young lights. Eric Bailly, Nemanja Matic and Fred were well enough in previous clubs to get Mourinho to attend for more than 110 million euros.

The team was also good enough to win five of their first six matches last season with the start of the race with Manchester City and win all six of the best in at least one league game 2017/18. They have not all lost their ability.

But all they managed to do outside the toxic environment and in a consistent system that helped them overthrow them. They are a group with no confidence. And the responsibility lies with the leader. If one or two of the key players were in bad shape it would be for them. If every team member is, it means that the system itself is broken. Mourinho's human administration has not worked. His constant oscillations with staff and staff have not worked. His siege model has not worked. Nothing is working.

For those who believe, few leaders could do better: we have seen this before. In 2015/16, Mourinho took the league masters deep to the bottom before being beaten, as he lost the respect of these players with a number of strategies that no longer work. Gary Neville commented on Sunday that United has no midfielder who can move it over ten meters. It's nonsense, just as it was nonsense that Chelsea's players became astonished during the summer. Great governance is the promotion of a spirit that encourages a team to thrive. These teams have organization, fluency and discipline. Manchester United is not three. They take the lead from the leader.

Mourinho may well think that he is a short change over him, but this does not excuse the brave return with the highest wage in the country 19 points behind the leaders and closer to 14th than the fourth. Even his expectations in managing can not undo the rush of criticism that Sunday's performance comes and should bring. If coarseness seems more tough than with other leaders, it is because Mourinho longed for being condemned in these terms and was faster than most likely to mark other failures.

Manchester United
In any other elite club, Mourinho would be gone. Real Madrid began the season horribly and Julen Lopeteg was asked to clear his desk. Such a negligible performance and the lack of hope that sunshine follows the storm ends only this way.

But not in Manchester United, and because of a vague perception that the club opposes the ubiquity of modern life or is dominated by all the higher principles, but because incompetence dominates this fiefdom. Woodward has all the inspirational features of a hasty entry card. The only plan is that there is no plan except for the collapse and hoping desperately that at some stage, FIFA determines that sponsorship income can be converted into points.

Mourinho has been dismantled, but only when the Place of the Champions League is mathematically out of reach and so United can avoid by giving him a full pay; David Moyes and Louis van Gaal suffered the same fate. But is not it just summarizing Manchester United perfectly by waiting for a crisis point instead of preventing changes to avoid it? The only place where the pitch pitch can be the same as Old Traffod is in the meeting room.

Paul Pogba
After a while, it has been clear that the leader and signature signature are in conflict, but Sunday was the last claw in that coffin. When Manchester United failed in midfield control, Midfield creativity and Midfield … no, Pogba remained on the substitute bench, which was a naughty step. The only way Pogba is able to do his job at Old Trafford is if Mourinho goes first and then he is tempted to find the fastest route in town.

He paid £ 52m, has been playing 17 Premier League minutes since November 3 and left out of the matchday during United's biggest season game. If this is Mourinho's goal with high money, you can understand why the club is on guard to give him more (but only sack him).

Claude Puel
He will soon have to land because Leicester City rushes toward nothing. They have won two of their ten games since the end of September, against Cardiff and Watford, and during that time have not managed to beat Brighton, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Burnley and West Ham. Thanks to its recent history, Leicester City has all the rights to dream of and at least the fun of unsuccessful pursuits of these dreams. Right now everyone feels a bit on Monday morning and not on Friday night.

Bernd Leno
Leno was not the only culprit in the defeat of Arsenal in Southampton. Laurent Koscielny was greasy than a cheap grill, which was left out in the winter, while Stephan Lichtsteiner is barely a middleweight defender. Leno has also been asked to work regularly with changing defenders.

But when Arsenal needed solidity and dissatisfaction, Leno did nothing. You can not cross the last minute of the match unless you are certain that you will not offer an open goal striker. The decision to sell Wojciech Szczesny will continue in the district of Arsenal.

Yerry Mina
It is not very important for Marco Silva to try to get Everton in passing defense, if every time Mina gets the ball he sends her a long pitch. There is even less interest if the Minas pass passes directly to Ilkay Gundogan and then Columbus plays for Jesus.

Neil Warnock's judges blame
Warnock is right that Troy Deeney should have booked. The pitch was unmanageable and the attacker had all the right to go to the ball, but Deeney could have given up on Neil Etheridge. But to Warnock that this incident would have been such that Cardiff City had an inexperienced judge whom he called "Sunday Trainee", it is shameful. How would the judges get Premier League experience other than the jury in the Premier League?

It is a question where the lack of judges is generally unsuccessful in the progress of non-league football, where circumstances can be difficult, abuses can be horrendous and pay is nothing. Those who rise from above do so despite the circumstances, not because of them. So the defensive tactics used by an experienced leader just because you are raw can not be accepted. The judges are surrounded by abuses and mocks of culture, and it does more than anything else to lower general standards.

What's the point, Andy Madley controlled the game completely. And Warnock should do better than lambast her.

Claudio Ranieri and Fulham
This is a battle with Uncle Claudio's great smile and Fulham's defensive menace, and the latter has won. The change of leader may have led to home win, but Fulham still admits Ranieri more than twice in their match and they are now only in their last two matches. This season is a disaster.

Huddersfield Town Invaders
Since the beginning of March, Laurent Depoitre and Steve Mounie are Huddersfield's top player strikes. They have two goals individually. Club survival on deportation depends on the fact that they are buying ahead in January. David Wagner might want to have a word with Jurgen Klopp and take Dominic Solanke's loan.

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