Thursday , March 4 2021

Xbox All Access can offer console, games and Live $ 35 a month

Microsoft can offer Xbox Live service, Xbox Live Passport, and $ 35 a month (around 2,450) through Xbox All Access. Although the company has not yet officially announced, the Windows Central report suggests that the United States intends to offer the beginning, which explains why it was not announced in Gamescom 2018 – a European event. And although Xbox One X, Xbox Live and the Xbox Game Pass may be up to $ 35, they will cost $ 22 ($ 1540) for Xbox users, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass.

"We've heard that Microsoft is about to launch a new contractual monthly subscription service called Xbox All Access, which offers the cheapest way to get Xbox, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass.

As always, plans (and changes) may change, but if we have heard correctly, Microsoft wants to release its new Xbox All Access service later this month. If you're wondering why it was not announced in Gamescom 2018 in Germany, it's because it seems to be just the USA. The service was originally buried in The Verge's Tom Warren, and we have subsequently confirmed some details in our own sources, "Windows Central's Jees Corden.

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Although the order-based plan for Xbox hardware feels logical in concluding that Microsoft is focusing on the Xbox Game Pass, it's interesting to see how this would benefit the current gaming model. Especially big publishers, such as Ubisoft, wonder about the disadvantages of such services.

"I actually found subscriber games inhibit progress and I will give you two examples One is the PS with Nowin I think this is a great technique to obtain streaming content to people, but we do not make money as a publisher -.. We do not make as much money as we would not even put stuff on sale So, why. bother from the publisher's point of view? ", Chris Early of Ubisoft discussed with GamesBeat.

"The technology is great for the player I can play anything right away It's a great technology that is blocked by a business model So download the PlayStation Plus add-on so you can manage any game you own on some of your devices It's a great service for the player It's going to start people, who use this streaming concept in more places, to get to the place where you have more people focusing on streaming.

Your business is a similar challenge. We see it work. We are believers. You have limited it by a subscription agreement where publishers are not able to earn money. On the other hand, you can only sell the game and give people a five-minute experience while downloading or paying you an extra bonus so you can continue to use them in many other places. By order it just gives it away. "

We are not surprised that there are no special games on Xbox All Access that go ahead for such business reasons. It is said that, for example, in India, where Xbox One does not have a big market position over Sony's PS4, it can be a game changer. Although Microsoft has not announced plans to launch Xbox All Access India, we have sought out the company and update this story if we heard about it.

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