Tsveta Karayancheva: The answer is to ask questions that do not affect the Prime Minister

[ad_1] Tsveta Karayancheva: The answer is to ask questions that do not concern Prime Minister Webcafe.bg Tsveta Karayancheva Slavi Trifonov: I will not propose reducing the support of the parties OFFNews (media information) Tsveta Karayancheva Slaves: Borisov should not participate in the presentation of new Deputy Prime Minister Blitz Full coverage [ad_2] Source link

The first BLITZ! Specialized Public Prosecutor's Office and GOCB have violated a powerful gang in computer fraud! – Blitz

[ad_1] A specialized Public Prosecutor's Office and an organized crime prevention DG have neutralized the computer fraud of the organized crime group and encrypted illegal purchases, totaling more than $ 5 million. About $ 3 million (about $ 5 million) of Cryptotool has been "seized" in research by computer scientists. The precedent for dealing with … Read more

Simeonov: Give me this MI for 24 hours! – Politics

[ad_1] Valery Simeonov's new explosion blamed social networks. The subject is again protests. "Give me this Ministry of the Interior for 24 hours and see if there are any protests." Belarusian Valery Simeonov told the party of the Skat Party, Dnevnik reports daily. The former deputy prime minister's comment was related to the ongoing mistakes … Read more

Brussels reaffirms that the resumption of the Belene nuclear power plant wants a new euro-rating

[ad_1] The European Commission has confirmed that the resumption of the closure of the Belene Nuclear Power Plant in 2012 will have to be re-evaluated as to whether it complies with European rules and whether it fulfills the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom Treaty) and possibly the project for approval again. Brussels … Read more

The collapse between the car and the bus has occurred in the area of ​​Vaglevts village, not injuries

[ad_1] 22 November 2018 12:29 | FOCUS News Agency Photo: Pixabay Veliko Tarnovo. The collapse between the car and the fairway prevents traffic in the Vaglevt village. This was announced FOCUS Radio – Veliko Tarnovo Military History Department – Veliko Tarnovo. He was not hurt at the event that had become the wet and slick … Read more

They decide today for the arrest of Valcho-Trud

[ad_1] Millions of cash were searched The Special Judge decides today to release Vulcho Arabadzhiev from the detention center or leave him behind the bars. The son of Vetko and Marinella Arabadjiev has asked for his conscience measurement to become lighter. Valcho was arrested on August 31 at Marinela Hotel, and a prosecutor charged him … Read more

Пожар горя на Околовръстното шосе в София

[ad_1] Пламъците са тръгнали от сглобяема къща Пожар горя в търговски обект на Околовръстното шосе в София, съобщава БГНЕС. Пламъците са тръгнали в преместваем обект – къща, тип сглобяема. В обекта, намиращ се преди "Икеа" на Околовръстното шосе в София в посока Пловдив, се продават бидони и контейнери. Причините за пожара се изясняват. Новините на … Read more

Jeep knocked and killed a man near South Park

[ad_1] Jeep knocked and killed a man in South Park's New Dobrudja Tribune Jeep hit and killed a man in South Park today Dir.bg Cola pushed a pedestrian at the entrance to South Park, the man died on the spot for 24 hours Full coverage [ad_2] Source link