Mei Noor Al Sharif shows Block's sister's birthday

[ad_1] Rana Salah Al-Din – Cairo – Follow the valley 365 Although Egyptian artist Mai Noor Sharif participates in his artistic works, he tries to overcome this absence by being more active and communicating with the audience through his personal calculations. Mai Nour El Sherif recently celebrated his sister Sarah Khamis's birthday. Photos of the … Read more

The image industry festival began with the collaboration of older photographers in Egypt and abroad

[ad_1] The first edition of the Cairo Film Festival was held today in Cairo and will continue until November 30. The festival was attended by filmmakers, producers, visual stories and scholars, video crews, filmmakers, film directors, fashion designers, graphic artists and make-up artists. The festival, which was held in Kuopio's Independent Photography School in Cairo, … Read more

RIM Moustafa visualizes «Kalbash 3»

[ad_1] Suggestions for leaving seats In the third part of Lebanon's Kalbash series, film director Amir Karara described some scenes there. The group returns from Lebanon after a week long filming. The hero of Karara's series describes the scenes of your new movie Casablanca. Baher Dweidar's series "Kalbash 3" and Peter Mim, directed by Hala … Read more