What a woman is in town to grab a child Police: a woman involved is ill with a mental disorder Shifang City Public Security Bureau

[ad_1] Original name: What woman is in town to grab a child Police: The woman has had a mental illness According to the official Weibo News at Shifang City Public Security Bureau, Sichuan Province, at 25.4.2018 at 9.49 am, the Shifang City Public Security Bureau 110 command center was alerted by mass, saying some people … Read more

Heavy fog or smoke smelter in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, etc. Strong cold air affects the northern region _ Eastern Fortune Network

[ad_1] During the next three days, strong cold air affects most of China's northwest from east to west, 25-26. Light and moderate spells occur in the central and southern parts of northern China and in Huanghua Central and Western parts, and some areas are severely eroded. Heavy fog, snowfall, snowfall in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, etc. … Read more

县政府 造假 省委 书记 省长 严厉 批示 | 陈 求 发 | 绥中 县 | 督察 _ 新浪 新闻

[ad_1] 原 标题: 县政府 造假, 省委 书记, 省长 严厉 批示 据 "辽宁 日报" 25 日 报道, 生态 环境 部 11 月 19 日晚 通报 "回头 看" 典型 案例 "辽宁 绥中 县政府 编造 文件 虚假 整改" 后, 辽宁 省委 书记, 省 人大常委会 主任 陈 求 发, 辽宁省 委副书记, 省长 唐一军 就 全省 加强 整改 作出 批示, … Read more