Rumors of child rape and death in Hajiganji

Chandpur: News of the rape of a 10-year-old child in Hajiganji, Chandpur, is rumored, according to a local puja celebration council. The child victim has died, and even his aunt and sister have been raped along with the child. However, the local Hindu community dismissed all rumors, saying no such incident had taken place in … Read more

Temple attack “planned”: Obaidul Quader

Obaidul Quader, general secretary of the Awami League, said Durga Puja of the Hindu community has not had any violence or problems in the last 12 years. This time, the planned social evil has caused this to be wrong. Those involved in these abuses will not be released. Obaidul Quader said this at the three-year … Read more

The Palestinian actor rejected the Israeli award

An Israeli film in protest of the brutal persecution and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians Awards Palestinian actor Train Sulaiman refuses. The Palestinian actor has rejected the Israeli Oscar. Arab News company profile. Train Suleiman said that the way Israeli forces are conducting a cleansing operation against our brothers and sisters, going to Zionist land and … Read more

9rt-price-in-India-tiped-rs-40000-44000-launch-Specifications-expected | OnePlus 9RT: Price leaked before release, phone may come at this price

New Delhi: OnePlus 9RT is expected to enter the Indian market after its release in China. However, the price of the phone became public before its official release. According to the report, a new OnePlus model may be launched in the country within this price. OnePlus 9RT has already been launched in China. It is … Read more

Two were arrested on 5 kg of ice

The RAB arrested Khokon and one of his partners, as well as about five pounds of ice or crystal juice, in an attack in the Jatrabar region of the capital. Commander Khandaker Al Moin, Director of the Legal and Media Wing at RAB Headquarters, confirmed the matter. He said shipments of Yaba and other dangerous … Read more

Devlina Kumar: Red Sari, head full of vermilion

Gaurab Chatterjee and Deblina Kumar got married in December last year after three years of love. Since marriage, they have both become very busy in their acting work. However, their love has not diminished. On their busy schedule, the two of them ride their bikes in the morning daily, and Deblina occasionally cooks various meals … Read more