and a woman who has lost her life in an accident on the E42

[ad_1] Publié le Lundi 26 November 2018 at 10h09 Dimanche soir, verse 23h40, a chauffeur to overcome the defeat of the son véhicule alors qu'il roulait sur l'E42 à hauteur de Fleurus. The accident at the Fatal restaurant is with companions, enceinte, here comes to Terme. Le bébé n'a pas survécu no plus. Terrible drama … Read more

Nouvelle autoroute à Liège: une liaison directe E40 – E42 (vidéo)

[ad_1] Alibaba's upcoming arrive, the génant chinois de l'e-Commerce, in a fait surgir de l'Ombre, a project of liaison directed by the Brussels and Celle de Namur, sans passer par Loncin. Pourtant, projet est bel et bien inscrit dans le Plan Wallon d'Investissements 2019-2024. The prize of one of the prizes at Travers Champs, Bierset … Read more

15h13 – Green light of the Walloon Union of Brussels in RTBF's new governance agreement

[ad_1] Sent Wednesday, 21 November 2018 at 15.13 BRUSSELS (Belgium) The Walloon government issued a green light in Brussels on Wednesday for the upcoming new management agreement that will link it to RTBF in 2019-2022. The staff has been upgraded; advertising down. According to the press office of Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS), it confirms the need … Read more

les casseurs dispersés, les gilets andunes, toujours sur place

[ad_1] Publish the Mercredi November 21, 2018 at 01h04 Par Belga The casseurs here if they are in the Wandre Mardi soir ont quitté les lieux après l'intervention des policiers de la zone, de la police fédérale et des pompiers de Liège, indiqué en fin de soirée de zone de police liégeoise. At 23h00, the … Read more

Withholding Liège cocaine composer

[ad_1] A thirty-year-old illegal stay was arrested this Sunday in the center of Liège with 15 cocaine balloons. He says he is personal consumption. This Sunday, about 15h, a police patrol passes on a pier Van Beneden in Liège. He discovers that the individual is uncomfortable with his arrival and throws something on the floor. … Read more

awesome crash at Milfort junction (picture + video)

[ad_1] A spectacular accident occurred on Sunday night in Ghlin, at the junction between Milfort and N50. The vehicle ended up running against the wall of the dwelling where the gas line was located. Material damage is important. Also, the accident caused gas leakage. [ad_2] Source link

A 73-year-old man lost his life with E42

[ad_1] Posted on Saturday, 17 November 2018 at 09.43 The fatal accident occurred this Saturday morning, around 7:30. The passenger is dead. The driver was taken to the hospital. The fatal accident on Saturday morning took place around 7.30 am on the E42 motorway towards Namur, before the exit to Sambreville between Slemmed and Ceumée. … Read more

Under threat, the protesters deforge the dams (videos)

[ad_1] Posted on Friday 16 November 2018 at 22.00 by Belga "Yellow Vests" blocked access to several warehouses and refineries in Walloon on Friday to protest the rise in fuel prices, which was inspired on Saturday by a citizens' initiative planned in France and named fluorescent lights mandatory in any car. Feluy (Charleroi), Wierde (Namur) … Read more