Christine and the Queen, the target of Internet users after the new name change

[ad_1] Héloïse Letissier, aka Christine and Queens, really didn’t expect that. Renaming himself as Chris when his second album was released, he did it again by announcing on social networks now called Rahim. A first name that is of Arabic origin and means “compassionate,” which should signify its attachment to corrupt, even oppressed, communities that … Read more

“shrinkage inflation,” loads more, imperceptibly

[ad_1] The high priest of the phenomenon, whom he has followed for a quarter of a century, Edgar Dworsky says he has identified dozens of products that have shrunk in size in recent months, from Charmin toilet paper rolls to Cheerios grain packaging, including mash. Royal Canin’s cats. The price remains the same. In September, … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22: Its design is revealed

[ad_1] The season is ending at Samsung, and the next demo event on October 20 will be called “Galaxy Unpacked – Part 2”. The date, which should mark the last moments of this year for the Korean manufacturer, which has already turned towards 2022, and its flagship Galaxy S22 will be released soon, and the … Read more

the importance of co-operation between the doctor and the pharmacist

[ad_1] ESSENTIAL The pharmacy cannot monitor or monitor a patient’s high blood pressure without a doctor’s prescription. However, a network of pharmacies in the area could allow for much better prevention and treatment of hypertensive patients. Two weeks of high blood pressure lasts from 11 to 25. October. An opportunity to recall the importance of … Read more

A deadly battle in a cafe in Eupen: the brother of one victim testifies

[ad_1] A double murder was committed on Friday at Eupen Café. The suspect has been arrested. We do not know his motives. This Sunday, the brother of one victim testifies. A violent battle broke out the night between Thursday and Friday at Eupen Café, where two were killed and several were injured. The fight broke … Read more