The appearance of nails can reveal health problems. Learn to recognize To live!

[ad_1] Nail extensions, gel minimization, false and decorated nails. In terms of fingertip aesthetics, there are several options in the beauty market. However, in addition to protecting the fingertips, human nails also show health problems. Changes in appearance may be manifestations of skin diseases or systemic diseases and therefore deserve attention, according to experts. “Nails … Read more

Unimed opens enrollment in a new edition of the Pregnant Women course

[ad_1] Between October 25th and 29th, Unimed Bauru will have a second edition of the course for pregnant women. You can follow the online event from anywhere. The classes taught by the multidisciplinary team range from maternal and infant nutrition guidelines to the emotional aspects of pregnancy, breastfeeding and its benefits, Shantala, postural and physiological … Read more

Poliana Abritta talks about a partnership with Maju Coutinho

[ad_1] Host Poliana Abritta, 46, celebrated her future partnership with Maju Coutinho in the film “Fantástico” (Globo). When Tadeu Schmidt leaves for the BBB, Maju will take on Poliana’s partner on Sunday. “It simply came to our notice then you get the news you work with someone that you rLook, wonder. At that time I … Read more

Petrobras Chief defends the victory and says the gas table will not work – 17.10.2021

[ad_1] The president of the country’s largest state-owned company, retired Army General Joaquim Silva e Luna, defended his leadership and denied rising fuel prices and the focus of Petrobras’s criticism, including among the political class, defended his leadership and denied that the company was responsible for rising prices. This year alone, Petrobras added 60% more … Read more