Ivo Ivkov: I will resign if I do not stabilize Levski

[ad_1] Levski’s new CEO Ivaylo Ivkov said he expects the financial stability of the “blues” in 2.5 years. In the case of poor development – bankruptcy, Ivkov announced that he would remain in the company and not leave. I don’t have an unfamiliar “Gerena” vibe. I look at Levski’s kitchen and have always been available … Read more

Fall viruses with colds, sore throats and coughs will kill us in October

[ad_1] The rise in the wave of respiratory diseases other than the coronavirus is also reflected in the data from the National Center for Infectious Diseases and Parasites. Cases are significantly higher than in the same period last year, and with the cold weather, the record is expected to grow further. The largest number of … Read more

A third person broke the Bulgarian marriage – ᐉ News Fakti.bg – Curious

[ad_1] Mrs. Bulgaria Nedelina Tsaneva, the winner of the 2019 title, divorced her husband, Yordan Petrov, claims the tabloid “Bulgaria Today”, citing its reliable source. They haven’t been together for several months, say people close to the bully. According to the gossip, the reason for the difference is the third person. The man next to … Read more

Another domestic celebrity cut his nose

[ad_1] © Instagram Apparently rhinoplasty has become a new fashion trend among local folk duos. And not just that. After seeing the amazing transformation of Preslav, Gallena and then Kamelia in recent years, several other famous women decided to go under the knife. Perhaps the most talked about was Crazy Reporter’s wife Alexandra Petkanova, who … Read more

48-5 – DNES.BG

[ad_1] 48-5 – DNES.BG 48-. 10.30 ,. 112 “407” ,. . “” ,,. ,. “” ,,. . . ,. : [ad_2] Source link

Simona Zagorova: Daniel and I ended our love affair

[ad_1] The families of both parents are involved as much as possible in raising little Galina Simona Zagorova said she divorced Daniel, who is the daughter of her daughter, but the families of both are involved as much as possible in the upbringing of little Galina. Gloria and Simona Zagorova were the first guests in … Read more

Luxury for $ 500 million! Jeff Bezos mega yacht …

[ad_1] Jeff Bezos’ mega yacht “Flying Fox”, the richest businessman in the world, arrived in the Turkish resort of Bodrum. The 136-meter-long ship, worth more than $ 500 million, was anchored in the prestigious Turkbukyu area, where the Turkish elite is vacationing. Observers said guests on the yacht had fun in the hot sun. The … Read more