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[ad_1] It is most suitable for off-road use of the Bronco with the permission of Raptor It practically equips elements for off-road driving as standard His arrival will take place in the summer of 2022 One of the most interesting 4×4 cars on the U.S. market is Ford Bronco, a real legend that rose from … Read more

Unsettled for up to 9 hours, less than two glasses of water a day and poorer mental health: alarming deterioration in Chile’s quality of life due to pandemic

[ad_1] They were one of them the main measures to combat the Covid-19 virus, isolation and quarantine, which effectively helped prevent and minimize the pandemic. However, we know that this is not a pleasant experience. Loss of freedom, uncertainty about the progress of the health crisis, boredom, among many other factors, can produces dramatic effects. … Read more

Project Imán: potential conflict of interest in another mining project purchased by the Piñera family | national

[ad_1] President of the Republic Sebastián Piñera resigns to hold a press conference on the patio of La Nareda Palace in Los Naranjos after the Dominga investigation launched by the Prosecutor’s Office became known | Sebastián Beltrán, UNO Office. visits This Sunday morning, a potential conflict of interest was revealed with the purchase of a … Read more

“It’s a lack of respect”: Yamila Reyna and Javiera Contador attack Paty Maldonado for their words from Daniela Vegas

[ad_1] Paty Maldonado sparked an exciting debate “Digital sinsThere were guests last Saturday century Jose Antonio Neme, Christell Rodriguez, Yamila Reyna and the former “Mucho Gusto”, the latter two of which are protagonists in an extensive dialogue with the host Javiera Contador. It all started with the intervention of a filmmaker and an activist Francesc … Read more

Social Networks and Messages: PDI figures show increase in scams and fraud national

[ad_1] The pandemic, the increasing use of technology and ignorance are partly factors that explain the increase in cybercrime. Going further, in January-August this year, 57% of such complaints received by civilian police were made via the Internet. New criminal phenomena have also emerged, such as the hijacking of WhatsApp and false offers online, which … Read more

U Católica vs Cobresal | UC wins the big game against Cobresal and is inside Colo Colon’s cannon shot

[ad_1] National championship The Crusaders were left with a key victory in the battle for the national championship. Sender Carlos Silva Rojas 16-10-2021-23: 45 h CLT Comments Catolicalla© Agency OneUC is two points from Colo Colo Great match in El Cobre. Catholic University won 3-1 a Cobresal, thus leaving the battle for the title National … Read more