Après Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors décidera aujourd'hui du sort de Carlos Ghosn

[ad_1] Car Le constructeur Japonais Mitsubishi Motors, dernier venu dans l'Alliance Renault-Nissan, if he pronounces lundi sur le sort du président de son conseil d'administration, Carlos Ghosn, that's the jours après sa révocation de Nissan pour des malversations financières présumées. MMC keys for the "une Réunion pour voter", the 64-man-to-puissant patron of the 64-year-old son, … Read more

les nouvelles strategies des manifestants

[ad_1] À Montélimar (Drôme), le géant de la vente en ligne Amazon est bloque par des "gilets jaunes". It is the veil of a long weekend of Promotions, plus aucune livraison n'est possible. Jeudi November 22nd in après-midi, les CRS sont intervenire pour libérer les accès. À Narbonne (Aude), a symbol symbolic of a place … Read more

Professionals: Among the railroad workers, CGT is still leading

[ad_1] Up to 36 days of historic strike against railway reform does not really transfer trade union equilibrium to SNCF. More than 150,000 railways, which were called to vote last Friday, have retained CGT (34% of votes) in SNCF's alliances in the first position. Kolossus still dominates the social dialogue in a public undertaking despite … Read more

Multiple Total sites strike strikes

[ad_1] Multiple Total sites strike strikes © AFP / File / THOMAS SAMSON Several Sites Total suffered a strike on Thursday at the invitation of CGT and joined in wage bargaining, which in some cases increased the clogging of "yellow vests", said the sources in question in a consistent manner. "The transfers of Normandy, Grandpuits … Read more

Mediation, a way to settle consumers with little known disputes

[ad_1] What if the electricity consumption seems too big? In this case, consumers are generally aware that the Ombudsman for Energy has solved the disputes between customers and suppliers of electricity or gas when the problem can not be resolved directly through customer service. of that undertaking. On the other hand, we are less aware … Read more

Nissan: Carlos Ghosn was removed from the office

[ad_1] Nissan's auto giant government voted unanimously on Thursday night its iconic President Carlos Ghosn, was detained in Tokyo on alleged malpractice. "After examining the detailed report on internal investigations, the Council unanimously voted for the withdrawal of Mr Carlos Ghosni from the Presidency", Nissan stated in his statement. In another document published on the … Read more

Amazon: Confused communication over data loss due to technical error – Numerama – Politics

[ad_1] Several Amazon customers received a short email message informing them that their name and email address was incorrectly flown without further specification. As of November 21, 2018, many Amazon customers around the world will receive an email message stating that Amazon has announced their name and email address. Without any further information. Amazon email … Read more

Exmar KBC favorites, Mithra in difficulty (+ Briefing)

[ad_1] The downturn will strengthen on Thursday's European stock market. Wall Street is shut down for Thanksgiving. • Trend Main European stock market develop in the red afternoon afternoon and empty part of the previous day. Caution has been taken into account after several publications, the results of which are disappointing with the uncertainties of … Read more

The Bourse de Paris is revolving around the défensive

[ad_1] The Bourse de Paris revolves around the défensive Le Figaro Bourse de Paris: Privilege de boussole américaine, the Bourse de Paris limits the initiatives Zonebourse.com The Bourse de Paris ouvre en baisse de 0.33% L'Express The enormous influence of secteur technologique on Wall Street RTBF Full coverage [ad_2] Source link