The Italian state is open to change

[ad_1] Japan's industrial activity index fell monthly by month 0.9%, a sharp decline did not wait. The indexes of the shares decided on trading as follows: Nikkei 0.35%, Hang Seng Index + 0.51%, CSI 300 + 0.25%. Spain's industrial output grew by an average of 0.5%. The trade deficit was 3.3 billion euros. Ben and … Read more

Východniari sporia viac if Stredoslováci – Sporenie a investície – Peniaze

[ad_1] 21.11.2018 06:00 Ilustračné foto. Autor: SHUTTERSTOCK Na sporiacich účtoch v Banke majú najvyššie priemerné mesačné sporenie ľudia v Bratislavský kraj. The average cost is 80 euros. Čítajte viac On the vicious spike of the rebrite is Trenčiansky and Banskobystrický Región, kde si ľudia mesačne Vedia dať bokom 60 eur. Podľa prieskumu z dát … Read more

European stock market opened a new week by drop, Dax lost 0.85%

[ad_1] Stock Photo. Photo: TASR / AP Frankfurt am Main / Paris / London, November 19 (TASR) – European Central Bank fell at the beginning of the week. The pressure came mainly in the afternoon when Wall Street pulled down and the drop was opened with technology products. Another negative factor is a constant concern … Read more

Central banks should consider cryptomania emissions

[ad_1] Central banks should think about the issue of digital currencies because we are at a time when money is changing, says Christine Lagard, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Lagardo discussed on Wednesday, November 14 with a speech at the Singapore Fintech Festival. He stressed the instability of money and pointed out that … Read more

Subaru Forester has 999,999 km

[ad_1] The owner of Subaru Forester has led millions of miles without disturbances. Only a million miles, equivalent to 25 trips around the world, reached Slovenian musician Jerner Jung of the first generation of Subaru Forester, who bought his friend's advice already in 1998. Jerner, also known as Jerry, remembers the moment he drove home … Read more

World of Communication: Greater Households: Registration Terms

[ad_1] Slovakian Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) has issued registration requirements for equipment to be introduced supported by a national project to support small renewable energy sources (RES). Pay special attention in particular biomass boilers and heat pumps for which they have been modified technical conditions to take into account changes in legislation and changes … Read more