This is the first step in defending the final of NBL

[ad_1] But before the conoceration of the finalists of the final stage, the semifinalistas of the Cinco, if they are in the Reto other competitions of the Competence. One at a time when the responder responded to the question of what happened next to the message of the Cadena de Television Hispana other important of … Read more

The Walking Dead: Habla is the ultimate víctima

[ad_1] MADRID. The Primera part of the Novena temporada de The Walking Dead has finalized with the inesperada muerte de one de sus protagonistas in Manos de Los Susurradores. One escalates the surprise to the actor who interprets the person who has been falsified, who will definitely abandon the ficción, will want to aparecer para … Read more

Denise Rosenthal met a subject that called him "zorrental"

[ad_1] that Denise Rosenthal there is no problem encountering anyone who insults him, especially when it comes to a man full of prejudices. This was clarified in the program Big Radio, "One must do it" where he told the episode where he was treated "zorrental". "He says to one of the technicians, good, stay with … Read more

OriHime-D, a disabled robot remote server

[ad_1] His name is OriHime-D, he weighs 20 pounds and today he serves as a waiter at the Tokyo coffee shop. It is a 1.20-meter-high white robot that runs through the movement of people with disabilities in the distance. In Tokyo, it is not uncommon to see robots that provide customer service, but this is … Read more

Great Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci died

[ad_1] Bertolucci, born in 1941 in Parma, Northeastern Italy, also made movies of high political and historical content such as "Novecento"(1976), which imitates the history of class struggles in the rich Pô valley through the fate of two childhood friends in the early 20th century. [ad_2] Source link

"Talking about you": Unpublished Cerat song, unveiled "Bios: Your Life That Marked You"

[ad_1] On Sunday evening, Nat Geo introduced a new bios "Bios: The Living That Made You", which introduced the interviewees of Gustavo Cerat and Javiera Mena's documentary. Two-part song about the life of Soda Stereo from your childhood to the last solo album called "Fuerza Natural" (2009). A journalistic exercise involving Cerat's first people and … Read more

Paula Chaves gave Pedro Alfonso with sus raras manías

[ad_1] Paula Chaves y Pedro Alfonso night año harán temporada teatral juntos por Primera vez y por esa razón se Pasean por los medios de comunicación. I know a magazine magazine People, the model revelo que ya se está preparing para las obsesiones raras que tiene su marido, Como un solito ritual antes de meterse … Read more

¿Existe una fórmula matemática para para de Navidad perfecto?

[ad_1] In 2012, an Equus de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Sheffield (Reino Unido), desarrollaron a system that permits the perfect form of decorating a Navbolad de Navidad. It is also possible to calculate a Calculation that starts with the Cuatro Fórmulas matemáticas, predecia el número perfecto de bolas, espumillón y Luces that you need … Read more