Seasonal flu vaccine on the eve of a revolution

[ad_1] October 10, October 17, 2021 What if the Covid-19 pandemic made us aware of the dangers of seasonal flu? Although in France the prevention strategy against the influenza virus targets fragile populations, in the United States even children are vaccinated, these super-spreaders of southern hemisphere strains. It is true that vaccination coverage for at-risk … Read more

a mother threatens her son’s teacher with death

[ad_1] On a small issue, the woman came to interrupt the CE2 teacher’s class on Friday, October 15th. The woman was arrested and taken into police custody on the same day. The teacher said to himself “upsetAnd now afraid of retaliation. On Friday, October 15, the mother was arrested and taken into police custody for … Read more

The price remains the same, but the packaging is lower: we explain the “shrinkage” by the food industry.

[ad_1] essential Pack less chips or cereal than before? You don’t dream, “shrinking inflation” is actually shrinking our supermarket products, which is the traditional way for the food industry to hide price increases, which is back in vogue with rising post-pandemic inflation. The rate of shrinkage is increasing all over the world. The high priest … Read more

Chrono des Nations live TV in Vendée! – Vendée television

[ad_1] Chrono des Nations live TV in Vendée!Vendée TV Chrono des Nations: Committed – NewsDirectVelo Vendée. In Chrono des Nations, the story of this Italian runner who became disabled touched on Les HerbiersWest France Chrono des Nations – 39. Chrono des Nations is on this Sunday!Cycling Les Herbiers en Vendée: Cycling in the Chrono des … Read more

In Fnac, Christmas arrives before Black Friday

[ad_1] Good plan news In Fnac, Christmas arrives before Black Friday Published 10/17/2021 2:15 PM Christmas is already in Fnac! In fact, the entire toy department will be the target of a special operation at the end of the year. Thus, we find promotions up to -30% and above all € 10 is offered for … Read more

Pécresse recalls that the FLN killed 22 police officers in the same year

[ad_1] As a guest of the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Grand Jury this Sunday, the presidential candidate lamented Emmanuel Macron’s silence about FLN’s crimes. «I would have liked the president to raise 22 dead police officers who were killed by the FLN in the same year, 1961», Valvisti Valérie Pécresse Figaro, RTL and LCI, this Sunday. When … Read more

Audience 2. PS: Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier drop by 720,000 viewers from “We are live on France 2 – M6 document collapses won by 2 TNT channels”

[ad_1] Léa Salamé and Laurent Ruquier are on the decline with 720,000 viewers “We are live on France 2 – Petit Nicolas’ story M6 collapses won by 2 TNT channels. The Voice magazine 25% market share 1,880,000 viewers Magellan (10:45 p.m.) Market share 16.5% 1,765,000 viewers We are live Market share 12.3% 720,000 viewers Beautiful … Read more