Payment in installments for electricity bills, previously heating allowance

[ad_1] Additional measures and measures to alleviate households from the economic wave of price increases, government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou informed SKAI. These include the possibility to pay electricity bills in installments, double social solidarity income (KEA), abolish the solidarity levy before 2023, but also reduce taxation. On energy facilitation, he said, “from the first moment … Read more

NASA Announcement: Planet Mars was once like Earth with lakes and oceans before it became “planet of hell” (vid)

[ad_1] The similarities between the two planets are important to scientists because they can help them look for signs of ancient life on Mars. Through the video,. NASA reveals and explains that Planet Mars“in ancient years” was a similar planet I! DR. Becky McCauley Rench “When the solar system was first created four billion years … Read more

For the first time in half a century, he’s … an ordinary MP

[ad_1] Tuesday, October 26,. Wolfgang Schäuble resigns from the presidency of the Bundestag and sits in the seats of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU). After 51 years … The gray gentleman of German politics will become a “simple” MP because his party won last month’s election. However, no one believes that Wolfgang Schieble could ever … Read more

J2US: This couple left the show

[ad_1] The second J2US live performance with presenter Nikos Koklon was completed on Saturday night in Alfa. In it, all the artists, professional singers and non-professionals, tried to win both the jury and the television audience with their performances. On the presenter’s side, in the celebrity room, was first found his good friend Katerina Keinourgiou … Read more

Netflix – Termination of an employee for internal data leakage

[ad_1] Netflix has fired the leak of employee insider information, while discussions of offensive comments continue at Dave Chapel’s new stand-up. According to the Guardian, the employee, whose name remains secret, released “confidential” and “commercially sensitive” information about the company. More specifically, the company made this decision after Bloomberg was informed that, according to an … Read more

NASA: Lucy releases 12-year Odyssey on Trojan Asteroids

[ad_1] A new ambitious task began its journey successfully Lucy (Lucy) of the United States Space Agency (NASA), which intends to survey the crowds for the first time Trojan asteroids near Jupiter. The launch took place from the Canaveral Peninsula in Florida with a large rocket “Atlas 5” Member of the United Launch Alliance (ULA). … Read more

KINAL: Papandreou’s leading intervention in the electoral process – Contacts and reactions

[ad_1] According to CNN Greece, George Papandreou met early in the evening in Parliament with the Secretary of the KINAL Central Committee Manoli Christodoulaki to whom expressed concern the climate created by the party and presented the need to ensure coherence. George Papandreou began a meeting with all of KINAL’s presidential candidates after he had … Read more