How was the twelve-year-old missing from Nice?

[ad_1] The 12-year-old Panayiotis adventure, which had disappeared two days ago from Nice, was a good end. The child was found on Friday at noon. According to the child's smile, "a sensitized citizen who was able to find the Panagiotis S. through the publication of his photograph found him alone. "He immediately informed the police … Read more

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 4 constitutional amendments

[ad_1] The Macedonian government has submitted to Parliament a draft amendment to the Constitution, which earlier adopted the cabinet of the country on Friday. Overall, Zoran Zaev's government has submitted four amendments to Parliament. Talat Tzaferi's House Chair convened the plenary session of the House on 1 December to vote on the draft amendment. The … Read more

Mutual elimination of sanctions against officials of the United States and Turkey – News – News

[ad_1] According to a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Turkey and the United States have mutated today the sanctions imposed on ministers during the diplomatic crisis. According to the Turkish Ministry, Washington has lifted the sanctions against Turkish Minister of Justice Abdullah Gul and Interior Minister Suleiman Soil. In spite of this, Ankara has … Read more

Crete: Instead of contrasting the raki and finally the ICU – Society

[ad_1] In contrasted bottles and "Peskessi", a bottle for doctors, and a raki bottles, it was a great adventure for elderly Kretan to go to a simple hospital study and ultimately to intense exercise with stroke symptoms. The elderly patient went to hospital to check the digestive system and accompany the relative of the person. … Read more

The immigration traffic circuit has been developed for Katakolo

[ad_1] The circuit in Italy tried to get through immigrants – Eight people were arrested, allegedly members of the circuit The Immigration Trade Circuit dismantled Katakolo, Ilia port authority, which detained eight people – four Greeks and four foreigners – who allegedly belonged to the circuit. The merchants transported 119 registered immigrants (80 men, 15 … Read more

My husband agreed to open the accounts without reservation

[ad_1] When a foreign account was opened, one year earlier, an "irrevocable and unconditional statement" was adopted Giannos Papantoniou and his wife, as the former imprisoned ex-minister in his statement today. As he said in his statement on the recent responses to press releases to foreign affiliates, both he and his wife fully cooperated with … Read more

The work of the Greek-Central-Romanian Joint Committee on School Books begins

[ad_1] Today, the work of the Greek-Macedonian joint interdisciplinary expert committee on historic, archaeological and educational issues begins. The Foreign Ministry statement states that the Prespa Agreement is clear since the Commission's work is provisionally commenced until the agreement is in force. It also clarifies that the agreement's provisional validity was due to the knowledge … Read more