The fan starts the Slovak national football team

[ad_1] On Sunday night, the 11th round of the Slovak football championship was suspended at the Trnava-Slovan meeting in Bratislava after home and guest fans rushed to the beach. According to Slovakian, on the Slovakian list, where he played first in the second, the character was released a quarter after the guest fans rushed … Read more

Xiaomi 12 phones can innovate with impressive image stability

[ad_1] 5-axis image stabilization will be mentioned in connection with the upcoming Xiaomi 12 series. The Xiaomi Mi 11 series has been well received in the market, and the Xiaomi 12 series would also build on this success (while the Mi brand has disappeared). Basically, small upgrades can be expected, but the manufacturer will presumably … Read more

Tens of thousands of people can leave the automotive industry – Drive

[ad_1] Tens of thousands of people can resign in the automotive industryTo lead Volkswagen CEO surpassed top management with amazing appeal: he invited a great rival Tesla CEO to a discussionPortfolio The lord of VW would send 30,000 peopleTotalCar The head of Volkswagen laid off 30,000 employees – See “All Related Releases” in Google … Read more

Women’s hand BL: Odense – Győr ETO

[ad_1] In the group stage B of the Women’s Handball Champions League, Győr ETO will visit Denmark and continue their winning streak against Odense. Stay tuned, follow live, minute by minute updates, comment, comment on events! Ad TEAM HANDBALLWOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP, GROUP ROUND, 4th RoundGROUP B Odense HB (Danish) –Győri Audi ETO KC 11–12 – live … Read more

Index – Tech -Science – Blocks block chains and NFTs from Steam

[ad_1] Game maker and publisher Valve has changed Steam’s e-commerce rules so that “applications that include blockchain technologies that allow encryption money or NFT switching” will not be available in the future. The developers of one of the games involved, Age of Rust, said they were very sorry for the change because they had a … Read more

Directory – Culture – impossible castles of Nazi knights

[ad_1] XX. the Middle Ages of the century Due to the increasing density of the Anglo-Saxon air force and 29 effective attacks, the Germans developed three types of anti-aircraft fortress towers in Air II. during World War II to protect their large cities. Four first-generation anti-aircraft towers designed by Friedrich Tamms were inaugurated between April … Read more

I was a lover of Otto Kinizs

[ad_1] There was a lot of crying on Saturday night’s performance Dancing with the Stars, and Night of Memories brought back many old memories from contestants, juries, and presenters. Ramóna Lékai-Kiss caused fun moments while speaking after Ottó Kinizs’ dance. After scoring, Lékai-Kiss Ramóna stabbed him funny: “I can tell you: it’s a little sore … Read more

Google’s banking assassin service has been able, but the battle continues

[ad_1] The same topics will be discussed at the Global Trends in Banking 2021 online meeting with bank executives and fintech experts. Free registration here! Google Pay was originally launched in Hungary on November 17, 2020, but at that time it could only be used for online shopping and local payments through partner mobile apps. … Read more