great meeting! Mourinho and McGregor whiskey in Rome –

[ad_1] Perhaps the two most challenging characters in the sports world met in Rome: AS Roma head coach José Mourinho and Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor. The 58-year-old educator reported what happened on his Instagram page. We would have liked to listen to their conversation (Photo: Getty Images) Ad “Yes, it’s him. Yes, the great … Read more

The LG screen with OLED screen is available at home

[ad_1] The nearly 32-inch screen costs chest. According to a representative of LG in Hungary, the distribution of the brand’s first display using the OLED display panel has started in Hungary. The UltraFine OLED Pro 32EP950 is designed primarily for professional graphics professionals capable of true 10-bit color reproduction and can truly display 99 percent … Read more

Viktor Orbán took the third vaccine – Portfolio

[ad_1] Viktor Orbán took his third vaccinationPortfolio Viktor Orbán received his third vaccine – Viktor Orbán received his third At home: Viktor Orbán received his third vaccination at Viktor Orbán received his third vaccination – videoOrigo See “All Related Releases” in Google News [ad_2] Source link

Directory – FOMO – Detroit bastards turned forty-nine

[ad_1] There are not many people in the world who do not know the name of Eminem. He also did a lot to get a reputation everywhere, even though there was a difficult youth behind him. Marshall Bruce Mathers III was a year and a half old when his father left him alone, so from … Read more

Technology: Renovated by Telenor, many homeowners can rejoice

[ad_1] Technology: Renovated by Telenor, many retail subscribers can be happy with Would you like to get the latest news right away? I do not ask Please Click to enable notifications “Please” button! The notification feature is available in the following browsers:Chrome 61+, Firefox 57+, Safari 10.1+ Thanks for ordering! Oops! There was an … Read more

Sunday Sports Show: Fields in Barcelona and Bayern Munich

[ad_1] On the last day of the week, there are two NB I football matches left: Kisvárda – Újpest and Mezőkövesd – Debreceni VSC live at NSO! In the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich will visit Bayer Leverkusen and in the Spanish La Liga, FC Barcelona will receive Valencia. A Juventus-Roma fan will be held in … Read more

Gotham Knights – Owl Court arrives

[ad_1] I got a new preview of Gotham Knights The biggest villains are really the Owl Court And Batman is still dead The latest trailer focuses on how Influence Court affects Gotham City. The narrator is a Penguin talking to Nightwing about a criminal organization. Then we can see the whole team. THE Gotham Knights … Read more

Index – Domestic – Zebrafish was born in the Budapest Zoo

[ad_1] 10/16/2021 21:52 The catwalk of the Budapest Zoo, which was born on Monday, took over the catwalk. The Metropolitan Zoo announced the birth of the animal on Saturday. The pet spent the first days away from the public in the barn, but leave for a few hours out on the catwalk on Saturday with … Read more

Touching production was not enough, crying to say goodbye to the couple

[ad_1] The Night of Memories was named after the fourth live broadcast of the series Dancing with the Stars, in which competitors also danced and shared a special, defining memory with TV2 viewers. In the evening, three doubles also received a maximum of 40 points from the jury. Last week Kriszta Hevesi and Dávid Baranya … Read more