At home: 8 to 10 percent increase in kgfb fees

[ad_1] In Hungary: 8-10 percent increase in kgfb's prices – Would you like to know about the most important news right away? I do not ask Please [{“available”:true,”c_guid”:”a410091c-ed00-4170-a991-09564802e091″,”c_author”:””,”category”:”itthon”,”description”:”Hosszú cikkben elemzik a New York Times a Soros György nevével összekapcsolódó összeesküvés-elméletek alakulását, illetve azok amerikai használatát. Európában Orbánék járnak ebben élen. “,”shortLead”:”Hosszú cikkben elemzik … Read more

Two-day passes can be used for the October inter-city leagues

[ad_1] inland Two-day passes can be used for the October inter-city leagues ITM / OPH November 2, 2018 The Ministry of Innovation and Technology extended until midnight on 7 November 2018 the validity of the October and summer work and apprenticeship deals for rail and road interurban flights in order to ensure trouble-free journeys after … Read more

A small Japanese island disappeared, the Coast Guard ships are looking for

[ad_1] The ships of the Japanese Coast Guard are searching for the Ohotsky Sea in Eszan after the island of Hanakita Kodzsima, for it has disappeared unexpectedly. In Eszan, Hanakita Kodzsima is one of the 158 uninhabited islands named by the Japanese government four years ago in order to clearly define the line of maritime … Read more

Index – Domestic – Never was so hot in November

[ad_1] It is not alone when he thought he was going to the cemetery recently that he was not so hot to be in the area of ​​the dead of today. Indeed, according to a statement by the National Meteorological Service, a warm record in the country on November 1 was announced. In the south-eastern … Read more

Index – Economy – Jaguar opens a development center in Budapest

[ad_1] In Budapest, it will be the largest automotive company in the UK, Jaguar's new technical development center – said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Kossuth, according to MTI's report. At the beginning of next year, 100 Hungarian engineers will be working in the field of electric drive and IT development, … Read more