UN angry Yusril asked to wash his face: Democrat spokesman eating gossip!

[ad_1] Jakarta – The Crescent Star Party (PBB) defended lawyer Yusril Ihza Mahendra, who was asked by Herzaky Mahendra Putra, leader of the Democratic Party Bakomstra, to wash his face about submitting AD / ART files to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. United States Under-Secretary-General Solihin Pure considered Herzaky to be similar to … Read more

Tukul Arowana’s current condition, it can sit, but not good communication

[ad_1] JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Tukul Arwana’s assistant Rizki Kimon explained the current state of the artist returning home. According to Kimon, Tukul Arowana does not yet communicate fluently and continues to use sign language as a substitute for spoken language. “In terms of communication, it’s still not smooth, still muttering. He’s already making most of … Read more

It seems that this is behind rumors that BNI will buy the bank and go digital?

[ad_1] Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The development of digital banks in the midst of the digitalisation trend has succeeded in attracting the interest of several bank investors. This year, several large banks have even announced their interest in accessing digital banking because of their great potential. One of the state-owned banks that is said to … Read more

Anthony Ginting Calm finally wins

[ad_1] Århus – Anthony Ginting defeated Lu Guang Zun and gave the first point in the Thomas Cup final in 2020. Anthony won nervously. Competing at the Ceres Arena in Aarhus on Sunday (10/17/2021), Anthony made a comeback to defeat Lu Guang Zu. After losing the first game, Anthony won the next two games and … Read more

Amazing! These 9 turmeric benefits to body health that you should know

[ad_1] Suara.com – Turmeric is known to have many benefits. In addition to the fact that turmeric is the main spice in various home-cooked foods, its benefits are also related to body health. Commonly used in Indian, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisine, a relative of ginger, the yellow-orange spice, has been used medically for … Read more

Yusril washed her face first, confused by age!

[ad_1] Jakarta – Yusril Ihza Mahendra was responsible for the activities of the Democratic Party (PD) with a smile when he sent files related to the AD / ART judicial review to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Democrats responded to Yusril. “In the past, when we were still in school, we were taught … Read more