The angry father shot down to Békésmegy's teacher

[ad_1] RTL club news reports that 67-year-old József slew a Pomeranian teacher on Wednesday morning because he was angry about the relationship between his daughter and the son of the victim. The young party accepted the woman. Man in front of the house he was expecting a woman and several short arguments using a shot … Read more

Index – Domestic – Half of the taxis checked at the observation site were not licensed

[ad_1] According to, police together with the police, the NAV, the BKK and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology organized a comprehensive monitoring of the Budapest battalion 15. and 17 November. The aim was to fight the crime surrounding the entertainment centers and filter the royalties. Looking at the balance: seized the circumcised man … Read more

The Court does not impose a single party either

[ad_1] The State Audit Office (SAO) has stated that it does not "disable" any party, but checks the legality of its management on the basis of statutory regulations. Photo: MTVA (archive, illustration) The organization said in response to the press conference of Zsolt Gréczy, the Democratic Coalition's faction spokesman, on a press conference with MTI. … Read more

Népszava bribed money in Zacskó by the Roszatom man of Pakson builder to a Russian secret agent

[ad_1] Up to 15 years can be imprisoned by the director of the subsidiary that develops Roszatom's security systems. His predecessor was also arrested for corruption. While handing over corruption money, in a restaurant in Crimea, Russia, annexed to a Moscow Times article 444, the value of a Russian subsidiary of my Russian subsidiary, Paks … Read more

Fidesz can take EP with Parmesan

[ad_1] You can also visit the Fidesz-KDNP in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (EP). Instead of the current 12, 14-15, the Hungarian Government may be used. With this Fidesz, Uni is one of the most successful prtjvs. LMP, Momentum and Mi Haznk will not come to the EP, Liberlis will not blow. The European Parliament … Read more

It was bitter, and it was a wormhole from Gyulai frfi

[ad_1] In the garden there is a Gyulai frfi, barking bones in the garden. The little boy thought he had found the lilac bones but Blikk's wall was a human skull. he ran police officers who left out immediately and continued working on a professional jacket. Consider whether there are more than 30 bones in … Read more