Peter Bosz may cheer for victory after Ligue 1 | Football

[ad_1] 18:51Football Riots around Goffert are delaying Vitesse buses The player bus and various Vitesse support buses were arrested for more than an hour at Goffer Stadium on Sunday afternoon after the NEC-Vitesse. It was very uneasy outside the stadium because of the rioting NEC supporters looking for confrontation between the police and … [ad_2] … Read more

We tested the technology

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Paul Blanca stopped photography –

[ad_1] Paul Blanca stopped With Paul Blanca’s photos, you can sense that something is in dangerNRC Finally: photographer Paul Blanca (1958-2021) See the full story in Google News [ad_2] Source link

Bassiehof – Jesse Klaver loses more and more trustees –

[ad_1] Bassiehof – Jesse Klaver loses more and more It is worrying that an MP like the illusion of Bart Snel leaves politics poorerElsevier Weekly Magazine Marc-Jan Janssen: Bart Snels asks a key questionJoop A stubborn Klaver lets a valuable MP goRTL news Voter fraud or dissatisfaction? “Soon just hate us”Financial Times See the … Read more

FC Utrecht goalkeeper Paes: from the hero Ajax to Schlemiel in Alkmaar

[ad_1] FC Utrecht goalkeeper Paes: from the hero Ajax to Schlemiel in AZ and FC Utrecht start Eredivis Sunday • Soon: Gelderse derbyNOS 3 Maarten Paes: from a big star against Ajax to a mistake against AZSoccer International De Wit leads AZ 3-0 against Utrecht before the AZ humiliates FC Utrecht: 5-0 • … Read more

Young people stuck on the counter at night Inland

[ad_1] Police received the alarm at half past two at night from Saturday to Sunday because three people were behaving suspiciously in the Horst Kerkstraat store. The security camera had detected the trio. When police arrived at the scene, two boys and a girl were found standing at the top of the elevator, but they … Read more