Corrida Contra or Câncer Infantojuvenil recebe inscrições

[ad_1] Corrida Contra or Câncer Infantojuvenil acontecerá no dia 1º de DezembroPhoto: Divulgação Estão abertas as inscrições para a 6ª edição da Corrida Contra or Câncer Infantojuvenil, que acontecerá no dia 1º de Dezembro (sábado), às 15 horas, no Campo de Escola Superior de Educação Física, da Universidade de Pernambuco, no Bairro de Santo Amaro. … Read more

Paracetamol on the pregnancy pode baixar about QI das crianças

[ad_1] If you prefer, ouça a Versão em áudio Photo divulgação Com todas as restrições de medicação during pregnancy, as mulheres São, normally informadas pelo médico de que podem, in case of dores or oj febre recorrer to or Paracetamol, neither paraos or babies. The um um estudo que juntou várias universidades de EUA concluiu … Read more

Do you have insomnia? These five foods will not let you sleep

[ad_1] COmer at least two hours before going to bed, making light meals and changing diets are just a few simple changes that can revolutionize your sleep disorder. Here are five food and drinks that you need to avoid to make sure you wake up the next morning: 1. Caffeine Yes, it's obvious – but … Read more

Santos wants to vaccinate 4,000 pupils against HPV

[ad_1] At least 3,985 schoolchildren of nineteen 13-year-old Santos schools who should have had a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine have not yet received any protection. The virus is responsible for major cancers, such as cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, and mouth. The number represents a third of all Santista students who should be immunized. The results … Read more

November Blue Pet alert in prostate cancer dogs and cats

[ad_1] Manaus – Prostate cancer is not selected for breed or size, so on November 23, 9-12, the third campaign "November Blue Pet of Esbam" is scheduled to take place in the Amazonian Baptist University (Esbam), which aims to make guidelines and evaluations on pets such as dogs and cats. The campaign is calculated using … Read more