Researchers use fake moon dust to 3D print objects in a technique that could be helpful in future lunar missions – Qrius (formerly the Indian Economist)

[ad_1] By Elton Gomes In order to support a future base on the Moon, researchers at the European Space Agency (ESA) have experimented with 3D printing and baking fake moon dust into various objects such as screws, gears and a coin could one day be used to replace parts on a lunar basis. The 3D … Read more

NASA Mars Drop: InSight touches down

[ad_1] "It was awesome," said one woman, swept her eyes and closed her colleague's hand. A few minutes later, a hidden red and brown image of the control panel's main screen was displayed – InSight's first photo of his new home. The image from your InSight descent from Mars will be displayed on your computer … Read more

Three HEICO subsidiaries deliver mission critical items to NASA's InSight and Marco Cube devices

[ad_1] GEORGETOWN, TX & BLACKSBURG, VA. & BUC, FRANCE & MIAMI – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 26.11.2014 – HEICO Corporation (NYSE: HEI) announced today that its Sierra Microwave Technology Sierra Microwave VPT, Inc. ("VPT ") and 3D-Plus (" 3D-Plus ") subsidiaries provided critical devices to the NASA InSight (" InSight ") landing vehicle, launched in May … Read more

Mutations of the GABRB2 gene encoding the major inhibitory neurotransmitter receptor are related to brain dysfunction – radical study by Hong Xuella – Press release

[ad_1] Hong Xuen, a research team led by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Center, introduced resources and recommendations proposing a new approach to the qualifications of the scientist – "Analyzing the GABA Gene Dosage Effects receptor p2 subunit gene (Gabrb2) as well as in the knockout mice of heterozygous (HT) and homozygous (KO) genotypes … Read more

Some rare fathers transfer extra DNA to their children

[ad_1] In rare cases, mitochondria may come from both the father and the motherRUSSELL KIGHTLEY / SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY by Michael Le Page Generally, only our mother is inherited from each of the energy production structures in the cell. But US doctors have now recognized more than ten individuals in three different families who have inherited … Read more

Claims of genetically altered babies must be treated with caution

[ad_1] EArly on Monday morning, reports started circulating of a major breakthrough Emerging from China. Thanks to the marvels of gene editing, twin girls had apparently been born with a Fantastic superpower: they were naturally resistant to HIV. Depending on your position this result may sound either tremendously exciting or downright terrifying. Gene editing (and … Read more

InSight Diary: Beating the Odds and Landing on Mars

[ad_1] Image copyright NASA Image caption Artwork: It takes 6.5 minutes to go from the top of the atmosphere to the surface Prof Tom Pike from Imperial College London is part of the science team on the US-led InSight mission to Mars. His group has provided tiny seismometers that will enable the Nasa lander to … Read more

How to Ship Dock | status

[ad_1] Regardless of which mission astronauts are sent to achieve, the engineers who are sending them have to solve two fundamental problems: how to get space travelers off the planet (and orbit or on the way to moon or Mars) and how to recover them again. With decades of experience in the disappearance of space-based … Read more

Controversy as researcher claims to have created the world's first 'gene-edited' babies

[ad_1] A researcher who claims to have helped create the world's first genetically modified baby has been placed under investigation by health authorities. He Jiankui released five videos on Monday saying he had used gene-editing technology to alter the DNA of embryos for seven couples during fertility treatments, with one woman giving birth this month. … Read more