SERBIAN PLAYER OPEN! You know her from this domestic series, her sister is a famous Actress, and the bride shone in her 8th month of pregnancy! PICTURE

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram Miodrag Dragicevic and Olivera Olja Bacic got married in Belgrade today. This couple of actors decided to make their relationship formal. photo: Printscreen / Instagram The star of the series “Boots” and “Stamped in a metcket” Miodrag Dragicevic married today actress Olivera Bacic, who is in the eighth month of pregnancy. … Read more

Mitrogol tore the KPR network with two tracks: Fulham lives up to the goals of the Serbian striker!

Banged #ffc – FulhamishSteve (@ fulhamsteve84) October 16, 2021 Serbian national forward Aleksandar Mitrović was once again a scorer for Fulham, this time Queens Park Rangers saw us attacking our player with two goals. In the end, the score is 4: 1 for Craven Cottage. With 10 minutes played, Mitrogol came in from the … Read more

Google search changes search Technology

The world’s largest Internet search engine is changing the way search results are presented. Source: SmartLife / Google So far, the results have been placed through the first page with relevant links, followed by other pages numbered online and Download more (Watch more) button on the mobile Internet, which is now changing. Starting in mid-October, … Read more

They go unnoticed and can be a sign of an ALARM!

The symptoms of high blood sugar go unnoticed for a long time, which increases the risk of heart problems or nerve damage. As explained in the section “Venous Clinic UNC Health Care”, the most common hidden symptoms high blood sugar are unusual tingling in different parts of the body. This condition occurs when hyperglycemia damages … Read more

Lawyers protest in front of AKS, traffic blocked

Serbian lawyers gathered in the center of Belgrade, in front of the headquarters of the Serbian Bar Association, where there is a board session where suspension should be considered due to the position of the Supreme Court of Cassation on banking procedures for calculating citizens’ loan payments. Lawyer Rade Cvijetić cited the example of 30,000 … Read more

Solskjer replied to Ronaldo: I will make the decisions

Before the national team break, Manchester United failed against Everton on “Old Trafford” and played 1: 1. SSSource: B92 subheading, 16.10.2021. | 17:50 -> 08:52 EPA-EFE / PETER POWELL After this match, the Norwegian expert was under fire from critics, and they mostly went in the direction of bringing Cristiano Ronaldo’s team to the first … Read more

The most dangerous apps you should never use on your mobile phone

Many security experts warn that people should avoid downloading third-party applications because of malware and security issues. Unfortunately, official app stores like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store can be just as dangerous. Hackers are looking for different ways to circumvent security measures. Google Play is particularly vulnerable both because of Android’s popularity … Read more

Vaccination against seasonal flu starts at a health center

Distribution in all facilities according to this health facility is in accordance with the protocol. The seasonal vaccine is recommended for anyone over six months of age chronic heart and lung diseases, including asthma, and metabolic disorders, in particular diabetes, kidney and liver diseases, blood diseases, malignancies and immune deficiency, including HIV; Then to all … Read more

Terrible details of the Đokić family’s liquidation investigation, the killer shot Gordana and Lidija in the chest and head!

The murderer shot GORDANA and Lidija Đokić in the chest and head, while Gora was killed only by shooting in the head, the previous investigation into a cruel crime near Aleksinac has been confirmed! Photo: Facebook We remind you, the exchange office owner Goran, his wife Gordana and daughter Lidija disappeared on September 26 as … Read more