Haaland’s return trip twice – Bayern defeated Bayer

[ad_1] 1/26 A bitter afternoon for Swiss Bayer coach Gerardo Seoane. 2/26 Bayern gave him five goals in the first half. 25/26 Togolese Ihlas Bebou hits twice. 26/26 Once again: hanging heads in Cologne after the last five matches without a loss. Leverkusen – Bayern Munich 1: 5Oops! This is how Gerry Seoane did not … Read more

Olma 2021: The organizers draw positive conclusions

[ad_1] coming in 2021 220,000 visitors brought back the long-awaited Olma atmosphere – organizers make a positive balance after 11 days of trade fair Olma and the autumn fair were held this year in a light version. Today, Sunday, the big event is coming to an end. Organizers and city police make a positive balance. … Read more

Pregnant Helene Fischer is disturbed by the fans of the machine!

[ad_1] This action is a blow to Helene Fischer’s face. Intrusive fans ruin a pregnant singer’s flight. Helene Fischer is expecting a baby. – Youtube screenshot Ad essential in brief Helene Fischer is six or seven months pregnant. The pop singer doesn’t want to brag about her baby pits. Now heavy fans still want to … Read more

Laboratory meat is really durable – 6 points

[ad_1] Artificially reared meat has been studied in laboratories for years. Consumption of meat should therefore become both more environmentally friendly and more animal-friendly. But is this really the case? What you need to know about the durability of laboratory meat – 6 points. 10/17/2021, 05:4110/17/2021, 12:31 What is farmed meat? Consumers are increasingly giving … Read more

BVB striker Erling Haaland set new records for his return

[ad_1] 1/7 The last injured Erling Haaland is back – and how! 2/7 The Norwegian shoots against Mainz with a BVB victory. 6/7 “Excellent!” This is how BVB captain Reus classifies Haaland’s return. 7/7 Above all, thanks to Haaland, the Hütter team greets you from the top of the table on Saturday night. His mission … Read more

Pokémon GO Halloween Jokes Part 1: Spooky Company

[ad_1] The next part of the special study of the joke period, The Misunderstood Joke, opens. If you complete a special survey for that year, you will open a special event at the end of the period that may also be related to Hoopa. Strange Pokémon suddenly appear in Pokémon GO, including Galé Pokémon like … Read more

How certain foods damage the brain – a healing practice

[ad_1] How does it affect the brain and cognition when the diet is high in highly processed foods? (Image: Minhyoung / stock.adobe.com) Poor memory of highly processed foods Already a four-week diet with highly processed foods seems to trigger a strong inflammatory reaction in the brain in old age. This can lead to memory problems … Read more