Thầy Park làm điều bất ngờ

[ad_1] Thứ Hai, ngày 26/11/2018 12:01 PM (GMT + 7) HLV Park Hang Seo will be on your way to the Trong in the summer of 2011 with the 26/11 of the Việt Nam khi Liên tục, which will give you the opportunity to chat with you. Buổi tập sáng ngày 26/11 của đội tuyển … Read more

The German "cọt" monopoly takes the lead

[ad_1] Vietnam 3-0 Cambodia Highlights A AFF Cup 2018 The AFF Cup 2018 final round was officially closed when the last Series B series played last night on 25/11. In Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines there are four tickets to the semifinals. The first leg is 1 and 2/12, the round takes place at … Read more

Zlatan Ibrahimovic speaks to Paul Pogba

[ad_1] Zlatan Ibrahimovic speaks to Paul Pogba. The old man in the United States knew that a French junior would make the film a feature of Benjamin Button. Ibrahimovic and his time at M.U Zlatan Ibrahimovic joins United in summer 2016 when his contract ends with PSG. Despite being suspected of being 35 years old, … Read more

League of Nations: A league that you should follow

[ad_1] It is surprising that the three top teams in the 2018 World Cup (France, Croatia, Belgium) have to be stopped after Croatia is even reduced, the same fate with another giant is Germany. Of course, fame does not always mean real power. Germany, however, dropped 11th in Group A and lost the Qualification of … Read more

Which teams are AFF Cup's greatest strength?

[ad_1] Vietnam started the AFF Cup on 8 November in the Laos field. Despite the words "threatened" by the opponent, the Vietnam team played in the field completely and won 3-0. Not only did he win the score difference, he also hired Vietnam over the Laos for the game, but it can be easily understood … Read more

Vietnam Tel: Balance of "fire-pan"

[ad_1] AFF Cup 2018 schedule The people of Myanmar do their utmost to achieve good results in the match against Vietnam Tel. The match they won is very likely to be a ticket to go. But most importantly, a game that both teams do not want to lose. Duel between SEA football. The home team … Read more

Live England vs Croatia Football League League today 18/11

[ad_1] (press Ctrl + F5 to get the most recent information) Before the final round, Group 4 was the most open group of UEFA Nations League 2018/19. All Spain, England and Croatia have the opportunity to finish the final in the finals. Spain crossed, but played all four games and got six points. At the … Read more

Flying to the AFF Cup in Myanmar is overdue

[ad_1] Vietnam fly Myanmar AFF Cup is late Five interesting moments with the teacher Park Hang-seo won the Malaysian one world Malaysian goalkeeper: "Vietnam Tel made our mistake" Radio Voice of Vietnam Vietnam 2-0 Malaysia: Ginger old as Dan Tri Full coverage [ad_2] Source link