A 10-year-old child who would maintain breast cancer: "This experience has been told to never dive"


Breast cancer is a disease that has become commonplace among women around the world and its early diagnosis avoids the tragic end.

What is not common in this disease, is it an attack on children. however Chrissy Tourner, a small Utah, United States, was an exception.

The youngest was only eight years old when she complained of pain in her right thigh. His father took him to the doctor and in In November 2015, breast cancer was diagnosed, a rare cancer that affects millions of people.

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But the girl and her family gave up the fight and two years later.

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"This experience has taught me to keep going and never give up. Through your cancer, I have learned how important family is and we should enjoy every second in this life. I love spending time with my family and friends and just have fun" Chrissy told the People magazine.

"Chrissy has a bright spirit with her wherever she goes … She teaches other people, especially women with breast cancer, to take life and focus on the good," she said.

A little girl needs to keep track of her illness all her life and she hopes to lead a normal life. In addition, he knows that he will have to undergo another surgery by being pregnant, so that he can build up his removed breast.

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