Wednesday , January 20 2021

A forecast that surprised Fran García-Huidobron

A surprising love prediction was made on Friday evening in the foreground of his host, Francisca García-Huidobro.

Vanessa Daroch saw the letters and said that the cheerleader returns "with love from the past".

Although everyone asked if it was Julio César Rodríguez, the Tarot player denied that it was him and added that he would be a "heather gray" man and that García-Huidobro felt "little" when they were together.

However, Cheerleader replied: "I've never returned to ex-colol. Never in my life. So far in my past history, I never returned to my former partners. And I didn't even come back to mind, touch and go, nothing. If Vanessa is right, I eat my words, I eat ex, what is the most important thing, and I write my thanks. "

Watch the video here, minute 38

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