Thursday , May 6 2021

A photograph outside the protocol that would have removed Meghan Markle while avoiding the Queen's anger Social Networks

Sussex's dictator still talks about being close to people and breaking a rigorous record of the royal family.

A few days ago Meghan Markle made the news for use in a fashion show-the British Fashion Awards dress revealing one of his shoulders and whose nails were painted black, two situations that tempt Queen Elizabeth II.

That night, a micro-video was produced, a boomerang type that was released on the Instagram account British Fashion Council, and is as follows:

In fact, Duchess himself would have liked to remove this image without fearing that the clip did not seem appropriate to the queen by the source of the Daily Mail, who said: "There was something dissatisfied with him like to keep his stomach, in addition to holding a dark nail polish that the queen hates".

In Style magazine Instagram

In Style magazine Instagram

Therefore, just a few hours after its release, the video was downloaded from the forum. Instead, a more eccentric picture of the Duke was published, the "curious" being the same one chosen in the palace to hang on their official accounts.

Do you think the royal house protocol is a bit outdated? or Maybe Meghan Markle keeps tighter than the traditional one?

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