Amazonian workers in Europe are protesting with the slogan "We are not robots"


Complaints are made in several countries due to inhumane working conditions.

Black Friday Sales are a great day because sales make them big sales and profits, but workers are not the same, because in many cases they have to work longer and under pressure, which often weakens them to protest.

This applies to Amazon warehouse workers who appear in several European countries because they believe they are working in inhumane conditions and treated like robots (through TechCrunch).

Amazon employees used a lot of talk Black Friday will give you a message about the latest activities this year.

Protests include trade unions who have workers in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany who have shown and carried out the strikes they call a dangerous Amazons work culture, saying that it is enough and that workers should be treated as human beings.

Thanks to this, Amazon has released a statement highlighting the money and jobs it places in Europe, where they ensure that they offer highly competitive salaries, full benefits and innovative training programs.

We hope these demonstrations will lead to a good solution for Amazonian workers seeking more just conditions.


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