Saturday , May 8 2021

An English-language newspaper destroys Alexis and places him as the worst player of Manchester United in 2018

Alexis Sánchez he will get back the damage that left him away from the rest of 2018 Manchester Unitedwhile In England, they still criticize the Chilean striker for this campaign's transparent level.

Now, Daily Mail considered tocopillano as the worst player in the Red Devils season, and estimated the attacker to notice 2 of a total of 10. The only one responsible for this qualification is the coach José Mourinhowhich also has 2.

"This signature did not seem natural in January and 12 months later there is still evidence. The most expensive player for the most expensive player is currently 12 players, but he was repeatedly given the chance at the team at the expense of other teammates.", They pronounce Alexis.

At the same time, the featured player was the Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea, estimated with attachment file 7, and they follow Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Juan Mata a 6.5.

In Mourinho's case, who also got 2, he decided that "A complex tactic, constant change of players, uneven results and seemingly loose dressing room. And after 17 league games the goal difference was zero and 29 goals were released, one more than the total last season".

Add that "It takes something really important to cancel this unforgettable campaign".

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