Saturday , May 8 2021

Apple shares new video tutorials for Apple Watch 4 on your YouTube channel

For Apple Watch 4 users to pay more attention, Apple has just shared a series of videos that explain to the owners of the device what are the features that help shape the clock.


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Similarly, the videos show how the training measurements have been made, how to see the iPhone location on Apple Watch, and how to control Apple Music for smart viewing.

30 seconds of video tutorial

All videos they last about 30 to 40 seconds and are designed for new Apple Watch users, though content may also be useful for those who do not know the functions of their smart clocks.

The videos also explain how Walki-Talkie works or the Apple Watch Series 4 operating ring.

Also in another tutorial, Apple explains how users can choose what kind of information you want to see during your exercise.

As you can see, every video contains simple step-by-step instructions performs a specific task in Apple Watch, making it easy to track Apple Watch features.

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