Wednesday , March 3 2021

ASUS talks about its new technology in Z590 motherboards »Hero Network

ASUS recently announced the launch of motherboards Z590, which ensures maximum performance for each component. In the product lines with these new boards, we have: Maximum ROG 13, elegant and fast line ROG Strix, durable line TUF Gaming or a successful line Prime.

Motherboards ASUS Z590 They offer up to 16 bands of PCI Express 4.0 connectivity directly from the processor, providing up to 32GB / s of bandwidth for today’s most powerful standalone graphics cards. Chassis Z590 it also uses the processor’s four separate PCIe 4.0 bands to take advantage of maximum performance on the latest SSDs.

Asus ROG RAMPAGE 13 Designed to withstand intense and long-lasting sessions, they use the latest VRM heat sink design to keep these multi-stage VRMs cool. As well as individual high-surface cooling elements built into wide heat pipes to ensure efficient heat transfer from the circuits below. Disc lines ROG Strix and TUF Gaming Z590 benefit from this improved design.

ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial It combines all of these power and cooling improvements into one of the most awesome motherboards we’ve ever built. Starting from the circuit board Maximus XIII Extreme state-of-the-art base, The extreme iceHe keeps each of his plate components frozen in a wide covering block of water developed in collaboration with EK experts.

In addition to PCIe 4.0 support provided by Intel’s 11th generation Core processors, all motherboards The largest ROG 13 Z590 offers up to two ports Thunderbolt 4 built-in USB Type-C ports. This standard offers up to 40 Gbps of bandwidth with cables up to two meters in length, as well as full support for the next-generation USB4 protocol.

AI OverclockingThanks to comprehensive research and performance characterization of thousands of real processors in testing laboratories, it continues to lead the field in overclocking capability and ease of use. Sophisticated intelligence AI Overclocking it also monitors CPU cooler efficiency and changes in the system operating environment to adjust its parameters over time and achieve the best performance with the system’s unique component kits.

In addition to motherboards Z590, ASUS will soon launch a wide range of records Intel series 500 that chipsets use H570, B560 and H510. Learn more about these upcoming products Click here.

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