Bitcoin has the worst week since January


a major crisis of critical currencies in 2018 It's going to be a bad week for now.

Bitcoin had sunk down to $ 4,000, and most other crypto currencies collapsed on Friday. Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index To 25%. It's worst after five days of driving when cryptomanics reached its peak at the beginning of January.

After the epic rally Last year, which surpassed many of the most well-known bubbles in history, critical currencies suffered a nearly $ 700 billion decline, showing little signs of decline.

Many fears that caused the collapse of 2018 – such as increased regulatory oversight, disagreement on the digital currency community and chaos in the market – have only intensified this week.

Despite a loss of more than 70 percent for most virtual currencies, Stephen Innes, of Oanda, has not yet seen any evidence of a donation that could mark a market fund.

"There are still a lot of people in the games," Inan, Asia's top advisor to Oanda, said in a phone call from Singapore.

If Bitcoin "crashes, if we begin to see the sale of the wave to $ 3,000, this is a monster, investors will leave."

Innes explained that his supposed basis was the Bitcoin loan, short of 3,000 to 500 and 6,000 to 500 dollars. The ability to calculate in January 2000 a thousand dollars.

The highest encryption currency fell 5.12 percent to $ 4,200 at 11:22 pm in Mexico City, according to Bloomberg's composite prices.

Other currencies like ether, ripple and litecoin they decreased by at least 4.8%. The market value of all crypto currencies followed by CoinMarketCap it was down to $ 138 billion compared to $ 835 billion at the top of January.


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