Bolivar and Strongest suffer from betting


Bolivar was a great loser from the classical pace of 280, which ended yesterday tied to one goal side. The strongest, who played with the other two men in the second half, did not know how to win the match, but instead serves him because he has a better schedule than his rider yesterday.

The Academy was the protagonist of the game and the dominant player in the network until Tiger realized that the best solution to all his problems was to offend his rival to defend that as many championships were issued with many licenses.

Ecuadorian Edison Carcelén was nervous in the first minutes of the match without endangering the fence of Daniel Vaca, which avoided his goal in five minutes.

The strongest were unknowingly in the court, and the heavenly bodies played for the enjoyment and the joys the bands had achieved, in which César Farías's device controlled by the device did not work.

17 minutes came to an opening win, Callejón put the ball deep in Erwin Saavedra, who won back Marvin Bejarano, orureño took a shot that bent Carcelén and painted a goal despite the steering at the table giving Marcos Riquelme the goal.

For the time being, all earnings were made by Bolivar, but the Strongest agreed that his lifelong rival would be injured by attacking him and two minutes after the goal of academics. Bejarano made a brilliant game to the left, sent the center and Rolando Blackburn left on the left to Laforia.

The strongest continued attack and hurting the heavenly bodies where it harmed them the most.

If someone were closer to winning at this point, it was Achuman's team.

Laforia saved the title from Novo and the clearest was Raul Castro's great play, which went off half an hour from five competitors and the shot hit the left.

In the second half, the classic was not the same rhythm as in the first part. Bolívar tried to control the ball, but nine minutes later Moíses Villarroel missed a red card.

As one player missed, Arce was about to score a free kick goal by goalkeeper Vaca to hit the corner.

El Tigre can not take advantage of numerical superiority and despite the fact that Henry Vaca came to the attack, the brains stopped well in defense.

But fortune is getting worse by celestial. After 32 minutes, Bolivar had nine men to refuse Justiniano against Ballissia. The judge showed a red card in the wheel but a couple of minutes later he did not work the same way with Edis Ibargüen.

After all, Celestes played well on the playing field, Tiger had two other men, moved the ball well, but Rodrigo Vargas and Vaca could not imbalance.

Bolívar loses two points, four players and now has three visits. Ante Blooming has four absences: Callejón and Riquelme for yellow cards; Justiniano and Villarroel were expelled.

The strongest is a better panorama and you should strengthen it.

400 games in the first division met yesterday with Juan Carlos Arce, who plays in Bolivar.


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