Friday , June 18 2021

Brian Fernandez does not rule out the return of Chile

CDF's football channel announced it Brian Fernández, The Argentine striker necaxa He said he was expecting an account chile and it will draw your attention to the arrival Colo Colo.

"I would like to return to Chile and be in Colo Colos, the club that I still have to play. I could not go through Colo Colo (last year when he played at Union La Calera) because I had to wait for the end of the tournament so today it ends and I could be here Colo Colon, but it depends on the clubs, "he said Brian Fernández.

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Fernandez added that he would like to share the dresses with former Atlantic and Queretaro striker Esteban Paredes.

"They are great players, but I have to be head till now, until the end of my contract. Afterwards, Necaxa decides what to do to me, I can not say more, the day when something is closed, you have to see what's going on," says Raysin.

So far Fernández He has played in 13 matches in the Aguascalientes team, dropping Liga and Copa MX, where he made three matches.

from Colo Colo They have not announced their interest in getting Argentina's services, even though club sources have reported to local stations waiting for the end of the tournament to work in the team's preparations next season.

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