Call of Duty Analysis: Black Ops 4: Frenetism returns


As usual every year, Call of Duty updates its deliveries, this time the turn of Black Ops. And what about the news!

On behalf of "Call of Duty: Black Options 4", company Treyarch He was responsible for the development of this new batch, which fans loved greatly, thank him a frantic online multiplayer and zombie mode (Best of the Call of Duty, by audience).

For many, we've been Best Call of Duty in recent years and it is going to be one of the best in history.

However, the new game mode will revolutionize Call of Duty, we will talk about it Blackout (BattleRoyal), confronted with great absenteeism Campaign mode.

Image Result Blackout Call Black Operations 4

We analyzed in detail the new features of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Multiplayerblackout (Battle Royale) – zombies:


Character levels:

Like Call of Duty, we have the opportunity to climb to the level of climbing to gain prestige, and on the way to go new weapons, valuation icons, objects and streaks that we can use the games and that accommodates us in addition to the players as an incentive to continue gaming.

Picture of the result Prestige call of duty black ops 4

Multiplayer Experts:

Like Black Ops 3, Black Ops 4's experts have their own "specific abilities ". However, they also have their own "single device ". Both download during the game.

Something that caught our attention was recycled experts from old COD, yes, they read well, 6 experts already seen in Call of Duty Black Ops 3, with small aesthetic changes, but with the same names as the old COD.

We would have liked to see a number of specialists, as they are the game of multiplayer games, although Treyarch has announced that they can reach more in 2019.

10 experts are:





  • AJAX:

  • firebreak



  • seraph

  • RUIN

Picture of the result for special load black ops 4

Multiplayer mode:

Classic Call of Duty games have returned, albeit though big changes.

Catch Ticket, Competitive Multiplayer Mode, Leave This Black Ops 4 and Wait for Space "Heist" and "Control", a state that confuses demolitions, hot spots and searches and destroys in the same way.

Total exists 13 game modes play in the launch; eight main lists Black Ops 4 and five playlists the end of the game.

The favorites in the top list are Hot Spot and Team Duel remain the basic elements of the Call of Duty franchise system.

In this sense, we loved the variety offered by this COD in its launch, and it is to express the better!

The complete game mode is:

As a result of the description of game modes, call 4

  • control
  • holdup
  • Low gain
  • All against all
  • Find and Destroy
  • domain
  • Hot Point
  • Team Duel

One of the main features of the multiplayer mode is the score.

COD is not the same without clouds, and the truth … kill! Yes, it costs a bit more compared to other CODs, but if you take them out, you can easily translate the game.

Print result for auction black ops 4 all scorestreaks

BLACKOUT (Battle Royale):

One of the big changes in this new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is its own Battle Royale.

On behalf of Blackout, this Treyarch Battle Royale wants to get rid of this famous space, and at the moment it has worked. Remember this Blackout is invaluable for the typical Missing Campaign Status of the Call of Duty.

No doubt the way we love and present various other BattleRoyals.

Air, sea and land vehicles are handled in Blackout, which is unusual in Call of Duty's secret

Print result for auction black ops 4 blackout vehicle

Map of Blackout:

It's huge!

Speed ​​is 1500 times bigger than the Nuketown map, the Blackout map is one of the largest Call of Duty products.

One of the features of the Blackout mode is that it has places based on the mythical maps of Black ops, which makes it nostalgic to travel to the huge map and kill, kill and kill and sometimes die!

The result is black ops 4 for map debugging

The map can be covered by the foot, making it more like an assassination or different vehicles that this game is for us. However, we can do this strange events like zombies who live in different areas of the map. Treatment at an asylum or funeral site ?


If we buy it the usual version of the game we have three zombie map ready to play: IX, Blood of Death and Blood of Death. The fourth zombie map called classified, is also available, but only for players who buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or a special version of the game.

Picture of the result of zombies customs clearance black ops 4

Zombies maps:

  • IX: Put in Roman times, IX has a new set of heroes, Chaos crew, who they travel in time and appear in the Coliseum where they encounter zombies. This map stands out because it is well-established for wide daylight, but after more on the map, you can find a dark temple and underground tunnel network.

Image Result IX: Zombies Call Black Operations 4

  • Desperate journey: this map is located in the Titanic after it crashed into the iceberg, which means that our band abusers have to find a way out of the ship. It's much harder to navigate than IX, and has many narrow corridors that make it easy to catch. In order to help a little, there are teleportal portals in some areas around the map. We must also do it fight bosses like Stoker and Blight Dad, which is extremely difficult and has little room to move.

Picture of the result Voyage of Despair Zombies call of duty black ops 4

  • Blood of the Dead: It is a Remake Call of Duty's highly popular Mob of the Dead: Black Ops 2 The Alcatraz federal prison. On the map there is a classic crew of Primis trapped in a jar. Blood of the Dead presents a set the same mechanisms and weapons as the original map, such as Blundergat and Hell's Redeemer. You also have access to the specialty group via the menu Zombies create a class so you can classify it during the battle, starting with Take the sword to Dempsey's minigun.

Figure of Dead Man Dead of Dead Zombies Black Ops 4

  • Rated: based on the 1963 Pentagon, where Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai they have to face the zombie flock samantha Once again This map is for five, but there are differences from the original map. Something highlights it This map can only be played if you buy a Call of Duty battle cart.

Picture of the result of the customs clearance black ops 4 zombies classified


Call of Duty that promises to revolutionize this storyand he does well. Your way BattleRoyal is undoubtedly the star of Treyarch's new release combined with its state multiplayer and zombies so all of us will appreciate it.

However, we are used to seeing more and more story space, in fact, many people just bought the game in the story room.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


  • New Blackout Mode (Battle Royale)
  • Maps and an intriguing mode of transport


  • Unstable connection to multiplayer games, blackout and zombies
  • Small game contributions
  • Weapons that are not baled

Review the breakdown

  • graphics

  • sound

  • gameplay

  • Multiplayer


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