Calling Bob to Overwat has not been so good lately



Overwatch player with nickname "Bob" has recently suffered from a recent decision.

A few days ago Reddit's user sent "discomfort" to the number of jokes associated with the game's nickname. This player calls himself "Boby" and clearly when he added Ashe and his final BOB game, this player in each game is more than someone who says "Hello Bob, do something!" According to the publications, he comments

I hope I had a screenshot to share, but literally in every game I join, the first thing they say to me is "Bob, Do Something." It was fun at first in PTR, but they have to stop lol. I do not even play Ashea.

In the papers, he also made it clear that his nickname was not even interesting when the game application asked him for his name, he just set Bob and now he wonders whether his life from now on or if he has to wait for another hero to leave, so that they will no longer interfere with him.

This release was achieved Bill Warnecke, developer of Overwatch, who first commented that he could not resist the laughter of this release, but if he needed to change Battletagia, he would contact the customer service by linking the developer's comment link so they could change it for free as the option exists but costs $ 10.

I admit that I laughed at this release, but you can contact customer service and link to this post and I think they can change Battletag.
Courage Bob! ?

At the moment it is not known that the publisher has changed the Battletagia to TheMoralPotato as one is not yet harassing, but Bill Warnecken should change it at any time.

So if you were thinking of trying to change Battetagia, the delicate and dear man / Omnico Butler, Ashe, B.O.B, it might not be a good idea, but you can also make a lot of new friends in this way.


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