Monday , January 18 2021

Catrillanca: General "Confrontations" sent to Luis Mayol and Felipe Kast

Retired General Andrés Gallegos and former head of the ninth police area in La Araucania would have delivered images that deceived former Mayor Luis Mayol and Senator Felipe Kastia, who referred to the alleged confrontation before killing Camilo Catrillanca.

It is about 8 pictures delivered by Gallegos on November 14, which reveal ballistic effects with a 4 × 4 RAM truck at the Carabineros Jungle Command, which, according to a police report, showed that there was a previous confrontation in the Temucuicui community. This was the first version of the former unified form

In a conversation with Radio Bío Bío, former Mayor Luis Mayol confirmed that General Gallegos delivered these images to him, one of the ten high-level officials who were invited to withdraw after Hermes Soto Isla's departure.

"General Gallegos sent me this information. I was responsible for the zone manager, so he had to tell me what happened," Luis Mayol told Bío Bío.

The images provided by Gallegos were the basis for the controversial statements of Luis Mayol, which ended up paying him a job in La Araucania.

A similar situation occurred in the life of Evopoli's senator in La Araucania, Felipe Kast, who also assured that Carabineros faced an armed group in the Temucuicui de Ercilla area.

Felipe Kast told Radio Bío Bio that these images were distributed from Luis Mayol's environment a few hours after Mapuche's death.

"Unfortunately, we believed in the original version of Carabineros. Especially this week, I got the images from the area, including the images I received at the Intendente Mayol, I imagine directly from a source from Carabinier."

Both Mayol and Kast admit that they have doubts and feel disappointed with the information provided by the retired General Andrés Gallegos.

The latter acted as the highest authority of Carabineros in La Araucanía during the year, after replacing now retired General Cristián Franzan, who has already proven to the Prosecutor's Office to prove the prosecution of Catrillance's investigation.

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