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Catriona Gray is crowned in Miss Universe 2018

Bangkok, Thailand.

On Sunday, December 16, the 67th anniversary was celebrated Miss Universe 2018 From Bangkok, Thailand, under the leadership Steve Harvey and Place Graham

From the beginning of 2018, the Miss Universe was a queen of Filipino beauty Catriona Gray, 24 years old, Miss Philippines 2018.

See the Miss Universe 2018 gallery above.

The top three favorites were crowned the most beautiful Miss Philippines Catriona Gray, Miss South Africa Tamary Green and Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutiérrez.

This year, the ceremony was full of controversy when the first woman participated transexual, Miss Spain Ángela Ponce and the victory of criticizing discrimination Miss USA Sarah Rose Summer, next to Colombian colleague Valeria Morales and Miss Australia, Francesca Hung.

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Vocalist Ne-Yo He responded to the opening ceremony that ends in the crown next to Miss Universe.

This year, for the first time, the selection panel consists exclusively of women, businessmen, activists and beauty care.

The fashion designer integrates the committee Monique Lhuillier, businesswoman and researcher Iam Oubau, activist and businesswoman Janaye Ingram, Bui Simon, Miss Universe 1988 and the architect's "Angel Wings" founder Richelle Singson-Michael, an award winning entrepreneur Lili Gil Valletta and Miss Universe in 1992 Michelle McLean

To this day top 20 who compete last weekend, who compete tonight for the Miss Universe 2018 kronor.

Selected are five beauty nests selected from the regions: America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The first five semifinalists from Africa and the Asia-Pacific region

Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green, Miss Philippines Catriona Gray, Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss Vietnam H & # 39; Hen Niê and Miss Thailand Sophida Kanchanar.

Five semifinalists Europe:

Miss Poland Magdalena Swat, Miss Belgium Zoé Brunet, Miss United Kingdom Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers, Miss Hungary Enikő Kecskés, Miss Ireland Grainne Gallanagh

Five semi-finalists America:

Miss Curacao Akisha Albert, Miss Costa Rica Natalia Carvajal, Miss Canada Marta Stepien, Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega and Miss Jamaica Emily Maddison

Random Selections:

Miss USA Sarah Rose Summer, Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutiérrez, Miss Indonesia Sonia Fergina Citra, Miss Brazil Mayra Dias and Miss Australia by Francesca Hung.

Watch: The Mid-American Missie through Miss Universe 2018

These are 20 semifinals competing for the Miss Universe 2018 crown.

Sincerely, Miss Spain Ángela Ponce did not do it to the semifinals, but the organization owned a clip for the first Transsexual woman who was part of the competition.

To go to the next round, the girls gave a 15-second speech to talk about the obstacles they had to overcome in order to be able to compete.

Of the ten competitors, 10 semifinalists are:

  1. Miss South Africa Tamary Green
  2. Miss Vietnam H Niê
  3. Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutiérrez
  4. Miss Philippines Catriona Gray
  5. Miss Costa Rica Natalia Carvajal
  6. Miss Curacao Akisha Albert
  7. Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada
  8. Miss Canada Marta Stepien
  9. Miss Thailand Sophida Kanchanar
  10. Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega

It should be noted that Costa Rica Natalia Carvajal succeeded Central America's favorite to be among the top 10 in the Miss Universe 2018.

Mira: Natali Carvajal, representative of Central America at Miss Universe 2018

The eleven of the ten semifinalists made three exercises for the next round: the parade in swimwear and the parade in Gala dress.

Mira: Meet the Miss Universe 2018 10 finalists

The Princess of Thailand designed bathing suits that the finalists used, Sirivannavari Nariratana.

Most of the girls in the rounds of jubilee He used the dress he had used in the provisional Miss Universe 2018.

The silver was the dominant color of the Missies who march.

Five finalists

  1. Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega
  2. Miss Vietnam H Niê
  3. Miss Philippines Catriona Gray
  4. Miss South Africa Tamary Green
  5. Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutiérrez

Immediately, the contestants will go to the question round with a jury composed entirely of women.

The contestants give questions, the beauty is 30 seconds to answer the questions.

Puerto Rico had to respond to why it is so important for the freedom of the press, to latent in Latin America.

"The press is here to inform us and keep us updated about important things in the world." They should have complete freedom to declare what is happening in the world. Not to forget that they must be sensitive and have empathy because there are many people in the world, "said Miss Puerto Rico 2018 Kiara Ortega.

Miss Vietnam had to answer whether the #MeToo movement went very far to its complaints. "I do not think I've gone too far, for the protection of women and their rights are correct, women need protection and rights", H & # 39; Hen Nie replied Miss Vietnam 2018.

Miss Filipinos had to talk about marijuana lawmaking. "Canada joined Uruguay in legalizing marijuana, what do you think?" Asked Steve Harvey.

"I agree that it should be used medically, but not for recreational use, because it is the same as with alcohol, it can be a good thing, but in moderation," said Catriona Gray, Miss Philippines 2018

Miss South Africa had to comment on whether countries should restrict refugees' immigration,

"I think that all countries should have their own immigration rules and regulations, but we are all human and similar to what we think, you should be open and love and accept us," said Tamary Green.

Miss Venezuela had to answer those who think that the exhibitions of beauty are old and that they are opposed to feminist movement.

"Today we are in an era where we have gone far, beauty contests are not just beauty, they are responsible, sensitivity and much more … We can show that women want to fulfill our dreams," answered Sthefany Gutiérrez, Miss Venezuela 2017.

The last three finalists are:

  1. Miss Philippines Catriona Gray
  2. Miss South Africa Tamary Green
  3. Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutiérrez

being Miss Venezuela representative Latin America Miss Universe 2018.

If you want to choose a queen this evening, competitors have to answer the question, each line your competitors have to replace.

"What is the most important lesson you learned in your life, and how do you use it at a time like Miss Universe?"

Sthefany Gutiérrez, Miss Venezuela 2017, it was like another finalist Miss Universe 2018.

Miss Philippines 2018, Catriona Gray, one of the favorites is a queen, crowned Miss Universe 2018, leaving Miss South Africa Tamary Green like the first finalist.

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