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Clubs take delightful accounts by selling to CDF Turner

Growing up, investing in sports infrastructure, focusing resources on football training, paying outstanding commitments, keeping clubs up-to-date and even a valuable place to take part in subscribers are part of the priorities that club leaders intend to take. Coquimbo professionals who show satisfaction after the national prosecutor has approved CDF sales to the Turner Group. This means that in the next 16 days or January of the following year there will be a $ 3.1 million bonus that corresponds to each club's event.

ANFP's current President, Arturo Salah, welcomed the operation, acknowledging that it eventually came to light, "it has been a predictable process for us, and if it had a delay, it was because it followed the procedures that correspond to the existing protocols. news from football, clubs and fans will win. "

For the Head of the ANFP, this means peace for the institutions, "we can ensure the stability and economic situation of the groups in the medium term over the next 15 years."

In that sense, Sebastian Moreno, who replaced Salah next month under the presidency of the body, said that "doubts have to be clarified before the authority's question and that it has accepted us, it has filled us in. We hope the bonus has been paid before 31 December but I do not want to anticipate ", he said.


What happens in the area with the clubs that get these funds?

The common sense of joy extends to Coquimbo Unido, where they seek to continue the complement to the sports complex, which in 2018 received good news that it would allow a piece of synthetic peat, the barges from the regional government and the expansion of the green cloth are two natural lawns that will come into force next March.

50 percent of the figure that reaches Coquimbo Unide, is intended for managers with whom debt is.

In the midst of good news, it must be borne in mind that the port has pending commitments with the leaders. Although there is no total amount of television signal acquisition, the debt is about 50 percent of this result, "this is an important figure to be met, it is to be paid." The contract was signed and these funds are used to capture everyone.

It should be remembered that Villarreal Investments will continue in the club's management for another five years after the promotion of the Honor series, so the confidence that budgets are balanced, as has happened so far, is that the blue numbers were delivered "although the logic is that the sports infrastructure supplement has been implemented, it is necessary and a priority, so the clubs grow, "they explain.

For the same reason, they also expect that the percentage of these dollars will be kept under seven keys in the next few years because it can be very brittle when everyone pays in the milestones, which is the only thing that weakens the club as it happened when he left. to look for Sergio Morales three or four years ago, "it's already done, and we have to hope it will not happen again," they say in the harbor.


For sport La Serena, the club headed by the company, Kristian Contador Vera, manages its investments in the club since October 2017 and is working together with a local government to find a country where it can build a future sports complex. In addition, they are looking for the headquarters of the club to be directly connected to the site. Although this place has not yet been found, there are several options available for the Elqui river in the Los Llanos area, "it is something that has not yet been defined, although it is expected that it can be solved in the summer," he says. the source of the municipality. He even explains that in the garnet plant they tried to handle the management of the Los Llanos sports complex, which is an impossible event at the moment when Serviu performs a venue.

"It was a predictable process, and if it had a delay, it was because it followed the protocols", ARTURO SALAH. Managing Director of ANFP

Contador Vera's priority is to create an identity through a sports venue. To this end, they apply for the Chilean football CRECE project, which provides resources for young football clubs. Of course, any approval must be combined with the surrender of that country.


They are close to garnets, "who want to get the most (children) from the country," although this takes time when there are still financial commitments to meet the 400 million pesos order that exists with different creditors and frozen and they also see a life line ahead of this news.

The investor has to get back nearly two million dollars he has set up here, even though the agreement with the CD-ROM issued by the club La Serena states that he has to pay back all of his debts.

Inside the club, even though they do not give their opinions, there is a belief "is not going crazy spending a high payroll even though it gives them a break monthly because the monthly cost of the club increases to about 115 0 120 million pesos per month per month 0801i

Increase revenue

Coquimbo Unido, which last year was in the first B, will receive $ 170 million from January 2019, which is 30 percent more than it was until December 2018, which was $ 120 million.

For B series, this value is also increased by 43 percent, as 2019 gives them the chance to receive $ 75 million a month.

In most departments and their presidents, they expect that this amount will also cover staff and institution expenses, even though they estimate that in B the teams are clearly above this value, since it is customary to promote good schools, which makes the process more expensive.

In any case, in ANFP, next Thursday will be announced to the clubs the procedure of a juicy inspection they have their account.

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