Saturday , May 8 2021

Colo Colo and Unión can reach, Antofagasta and La Calera: Chilean rival in South America

Chile teams They already knew their happiness 2019 Copa Sudamericana and the paper has two curiosities and two injuries that have been made this Monday at Conmebol in Luque (Paraguay) headquarters.

Since in the southern region, the national teams could not face the teams from Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, the Brazilians seemed to be the most difficult opponents. And so it was, because Colo Colo and Unión Española encountered a modest Catholic university and Ecuador's Mushuc Runa, respectively.

When the name of the national team appeared in the drawing, the desire was not to play against Brazil. The panorama was reached until we arrived Union La Calera and Sports Antofagasta, drawn with Brazil. In this case Chapecoense and Fluminense, two very complex competitors.

How did Chile's competitors get to South America?

Catholic University (Colo Colon Rival): Quito's modest light already has an international experience, but the continent has never had excellent performances. He came to South America to finish fifth in the Ecuadorian Serie A table, and the start is seen as Cacique's easy-to-use competitor. However, what may make it difficult for albos is that the Ecuadorian UC plays the altitude so a one-way duel may be a bit difficult to colocolino cast.

Mushuc Runa (Unión Español competitor): One of the biggest surprises in South America that won the last Ecuador tournament to win Deportivo Aucas. It is the first international participation in the Ambato team, measured against the Islamic population in its first continental key to a group with only 15 years of history and one of Ecuador's most modest choices.

Chapecoense (Union La Calera): Chapeco's beloved team will face the Chilean club for the first time. After a serious accident cost nearly the entire team's spirit before the South American final in 2016, the Arena Condá table has not been able to recover and this campaign was about to begin in Brazil. But the later reaction saved him and turned back to South America as he finished the 14th place in the tournament, the last place in the continental competition in Brazil.

Fluminense (Deportes Antofagasta): Rio's picture does not pass the good time, in fact came to South America to finish the 12th place in Brazil and is long far behind the first places in Brazil's football. This year, they reached the quarterfinals of the Continental tournament, and Nacional de Uruguay eliminated, but they are still a tough opponent for Pumas, who has the first international experience.

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