Tuesday , April 20 2021

Covid outbreak: Curicó plays with seven defenses and unchanged against La Serena

Curicó Unido still has problems with Covid and he plays to the limit against Deportes La Serena. Nearly an hour after his commitment at La Portada, it was announced that another team member had a positive result and had to dismiss several players from the team to avoid new infections. From the Seventh District club, they tried to adjourn the meeting, but the ANFP rejected a proposal that complied with the new sanitary protocols prescribed for this championship. A rule signed by all clubs before the start of the tournament.

In its statement, the country’s highest football organization stated the reasons for rejecting the request of the club led by Marín Palermo. “The Council of Presidents, held on 2 March 2021 with the will of its members, agreed that the suspension of parties would not take place in situations such as Curicó Unido”, also adding that according to tournament rules, the minimum number of players on the court for a match is seven.

The situation forces Curicón to perform with only eleven players in a lineup of seven defenders. The Seventh Division team must depend only on their starters in a duel against the Papayers.

It is worth remembering that before the trip to La Serena, three people on campus had tested a positive result, so the dispute had already been resolved. Tensions stemming from the significant increase in cases in the country have forced the institutions to take strong measures to avoid health problems in Chilean football.

At 17:00, the second date match between papayeros and albirrojos in the first division will begin, highlighting the vulnerable situation in Chilean football as a result of the pandemic.

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