Dembel hour


November 25, 2018 02:04

Ousmane Dembele's goal at the 90th minute came in Barcelona and frustrated Atlético de Madrid with a late deflection when the Atletico team got almost a victory and led the Diego Costa headline to a null, huge tactic and practically harmless.

Everything is the same as in Atletico, not in Barcelona, ​​before Sevilla's Sunday finish at the end of his class after the game, which did not change anything for 80 minutes, shaking Diego's 1-0 Costa at that time and ending drawing with the controversial Dembele for salvation. There are so many contradictions in Atlético and Barcelona that nobody believes in anybody.

Everything is in a well-measured design. The stopping is no longer surprising, styles opposing either: possession of the Barca block, which was undeniable at the beginning, less than the minutes went by.

No new double that began to foresee, including well-measured tactics, content risks, firm all the details, but also the strength required to fight the top. Each ball sometimes seemed to last where it was, as the result would depend on the ball.

Everything in the thrilled peace that knows that some action, some mistake in one or the other can make a difference; firstly to the rhythm proposed by Barcelona on the ball. It caused a somewhat sporty step back around Oblak; rondo more than it was created, sometimes scared when Messi grabbed the ball … until his rivals re-built their structure.

Too far from the opposite area during the first phase, with no combination of difficulty and difficulties, Simeone moved two tracks: Saul, from the middle to the band; Koke, in the middle of the band. The result was not only Atletico more visible in the other field, but also less opponent opponent.

On the Atletico side – Gerard Piqué reached his goal Sol Stegen settled -; Half a time in Barcelona – the innocent center of Sergi Roberto, who then retired – and bet it until the latter half is expected to win this dimension and complicated game. No one had yet taken responsibility with the required determination.

Not Atlético or Barcelona. No Griezmann, Diego Costa and Lemar, especially the gray, rojiblanco set and Messi, with the exception of some clouds, and Luis Suárez, not to miss Barca. None of the players had thrown three more points. Not even for the first time or almost the whole of the second.

Barcelona had a ball, but it did not hit, it did not even break the last meters, slowed down with local strength; Atlético wanted to counter-attack all the way from the right moment, but was unable to find an away ball all his skill on the wings.

He finished off the back seat of Diego Costa, as no decision was made for 80 minutes so far, as did Dembelé, Valverde's last resort. "clarify" Messi and save the point in Barcelona.


1 – Atlético de Madrid: Cloud; Arias, Savic, Lucas, Filipe; Koke, Rodrigo, Saul, Lemar (Vitolo, m.63); Griezmann and Diego Costa (Correa, p. 80).

1 – Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Nelson Semedo, Piqué, Umtiti, Jordi Alba; Sergi Roberto (Rafinha, m.46), Busquets, Arthur (Dembelé, p. 80), Vidal (Malcom, m.84); Messi and Luis Suárez. Goals: 1-0, m. 78: Diego Costa tries to score with a 2-1 goal following a goal on Griezmann. 1-1, p. 90: Dembell kills the net. Judge: Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño). He invited local Lucas (39), Griezmann (48), Rodrigo (86) and Filipe Luis (87), as well as visitors Busquets (29) and Rafinha (92). Events: LaLiga Santander's 15th Round Party at Wanda Metropolitan Stadium before about 67,000 spectators.


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